Bukit Panorama @Sungai Lembing, Pahang

This is my first time having a mountain climbing at 12.00am. 12.00pm is already consider crazy enough but 12,00am??? *FAINT*. This journey was planned by ex-colleague and her fellow friends. We are set to meet up at BHP station, Karak Highway...(as you already know 12am) before we depart to Sungai Lembing, Pahang. 

For everyone's information, every Friday and Sunday after 7.00pm till midnight, traffic congestion is inevitable. It has been a norm at that area, people believe that it is the time where citizen from East Coast are heading back to their hometown on Friday and going back to work on Sunday. So please drive carefully during these hours as the roads are curvy and high slope.

So we started our journey in 2 cars with walkie talkie equipped in each car. After "enjoying" the jam, I reached first after 3 hours drive. WARNING: Driving at night in the village area must be extra careful!!! This is due to thick mist which covers the whole road and blocking your driving vision. The worst part is the cows are everywhere and they are crossing the roads as if the road is named after them. Drive 30km/h at all times. 

This is the fella who planned all this just because she is going to Mount Kinabalu soon. This is her second time practice.

We had our light breakfast with the locals Yong Tau Fu before we start our journey to the top. The break fast has nothing special for me to post and comment here. Torchlight is advised to be carried with you at all times. one torchlight per person. DO NOT SHARE. 

After 20 minutes, I reached the top. This is based on my speed and not many people to congest the hill path like Broga Hill.  I am not trying to brag but this is not a normal time to reach the top. My friends took 1 hour to reach. I am very sorry to my ex-colleagues that I have to break up with them and climb on my own as I will easily get tired if I stop or slowed down.
So this is the moment of waiting. Waiting for the Grandpa Sun to say "Hi" to us.
Bored of waiting, capture a photo of my ex-colleagues first. Hehe...
The clouds are so thick which makes everyone of us here worried that we might get disappointed due to unable to see our Grandpa sun.
My ex-colleague, Mabel pointed to me and told me that we still has Miss Moon to see. So round! LOL...that is not what I am here for by not sleeping at this hour!
Hoho...here comes Grandpa!!!
Arghhh...stupid cloud!!! Nooo~~~
Yay~~~~ Somehow we still able to see the Grandpa sun says "Hi" to us! We are happy and satisfied. Time to go down...urghh..hate eh?
Look at the cloud are so thick which unable you to see the bottom.
We are above the cloud, Woohoo~~~
As climbing down the hill always the tougher than going up. So be extra careful as the hill path is not man made. The air is cool and fresh! The hill path is slightly tougher than Broga Hill. I would recommend all mountain climbers to climb this mountain at least once no matter where you are from. When on the way back, I am totally knocked out in the car. Thank god, there is Mabel around to drive us home. I really can't hang on more than 24 hours without any sleep or even a short nap. Some more after an extensive exercise!

Total Damage: Fuel + Toll Charges + Breakfast are equally shared among three of us
Freakout Level: 2/5
Price: 4/5
Will I revisit?: Nope, too far from where I am and not really challenging to me.

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