Rabbit Park, Bukit Tinggi

More than half a rabbit year has over and now I only share a bunny story with you. Hopefully is not too late and at least I fulfilled my Elayne jie's request. Having rabbit as your pet is not a very good choice. Reason?

1) You have to buy in pairs either both same sexes or opposite sexes otherwise the rabbit you bought will die in loneliness. Serious. No joke.
2) Hygiene. Rabbit is a sickness prone animal. So their hygiene must be well taken care of such as bathing is a must. However........not water/soap bathing please. They will die. There is a special sand for them to play with which eventually able to clean themselves.
3) Short life span. A wild rabbit can live up to 10 years but rabbit behind the cage, their life span will be halved. This is because they do not belong there.
4) They bite you even you are their owner. Some rabbit have their own temper. So before you are buying a rabbit, please make sure you know them well about their type, their family background and their behavior. 

So my opinion is I rather choose to play with them rather than having them as my pet. Undeniably, rabbits are really cute. If you enjoy to see at least 30-40 rabbits running around you, just come over to the Rabbit Park @Bukit Tinggi. The entrance fee is only RM3/pax and for child aged 2 years old and below is free. You can buy rabbit food for RM1.50/packet so that you can enjoy feeding the rabbit. Check out some cute rabbits photo as below:

Okay...okay...I stop running and let you shoot me. Come, bring it on!
Are you going to snap our picture or not? I am sleepy.
Okay, my ear is up. Now, talk to me.
Cute cute and fluffy!!!
I am grandpa bunny. Give me some respect and stop chasing me.
Hey, how's my eye make up? Good eh? I can teach you some make up tips if you want. I learned from Michelle Phan @youtube anyway.
What's up!? Want a drink, Doug?
My Favorite!
Black & White
Hey buddy! It is photo session again! Let's get ready and say carrot! C.A.R.R.O.T
As you can see there are a lot of types of rabbit there. There are donkey, stork, peacock and tortoise too but not as many as rabbits thou.

Total damage: RM9 (3pax)
Ambiance: 2/5
Will I revisit?: Yes, only when I have family

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