Shark Meat Porridge and Paddy Field, Sekinchan

My sister and I has been talking about Sekinchan for more than half a year and we still not managed to schedule our time right for this trip up until now. Finally, we managed to ignore everything we were suppose to do and concentrate for this trip. We started our journey at 11.00am using old road without using any highway to reach Sekinchan. It took us almost 2 hours to reach there. Actually 2 hours is a normal duration if you are using highway, so I am considering myself driving fast and furious along sharp curve zig-zag road and small kampung road. I know my sister already having her cold sweat running over her body. Therefore, my advice is not to use old road. Hahaha...I know actually I should say: "my advice is do not drive fast when using the old road" but I really do not know how to drive slow. Somehow the car automatically accelerate itself. LOL

Anyway when we reached there, it is already almost time for lunch. So I took her to a seafood restaurant called Restoran Jiann Chyi. There are plenty of restaurants along this road. All taste about the same so do not really matter when choosing these restaurant because all these restaurant has the same signature dish which is:

Ta-daaa~~~ Shark meat porridge!!! There has an option whether you want a spicy version or not. My sister is not really a 'spice' girl. LOL. So we order this plain porridge. The funniest part is she did not realized that it is a real shark meat even after she ate it. On top of that, she asked me what meat is this? Taste like "Ikan Parang". Wahahahahaha....guess what? After I told her is a shark meat, her appetite from the very top dropped to the very bottom and her face turned green. I also feel bad and guilty because I am a licensed diver so I love sea and will not harm protected sea creatures such as shark. I thought my sister will like this but who knows she had this reaction. So called like brother like sister, we did not finished the porridge. Actually the porridge can feed up to 4 pax. We tried our best to finish up the food so the shark sacrifices will not be in vain. My guilt keep increasing when my sister keep blaming me for taking her there. Sorry, sister. :p
Outlook: 2/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 1/5
Price: N/A
Overall: 2/5 - If it is a normal fish porridge, it may be nice. But it is a shark...we are digested it with guilt. For people who does not care about this, you may try it. They have a lot of other food using shark meat such as fried shark meat fillet.

Luckily we ordered an extra dish which is a Spicy Fried Prawn. The reason is because we feel less guilty when we mix this prawn together with our porridge. Hahaha...
Outlook: 2/5
Creativity: 1/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: N/A
Overall: 3/5 - The dish is kinda cold. I do not know why even there are not many people in the restaurant.

After our guilty meal, we move on to our main agenda of this trip which is to visit the paddy field. When we reached there, we already can see the machines already start harvesting the paddy. Almost 90% of the paddy field already emptied like the picture above. Unlucky eh? That's why my sister was moody standing there.

Not really 100% unlucky, we still able to see the remaining 10% of the golden field!!! Hooray! We did not wasted our trip. Look at my sister running happily like a kiddo. I think she probably forgotten that she just had her shark meat a while ago. Hahaha...

Yes, to see the golden field is really lucky for us. You only have 2-3 opportunities in a year and the duration is only less than 5 days because once the paddy turned yellow and the water moisture is less than 25% means it is ready to harvest otherwise it will turned old or eaten by birds or other ground creatures.

We never have a really good close look at a paddy like this before even after they have been feeding us for more than 20 years.

Once we hold it, we are surprised with the weight. Each paddy is hanging on to a great weight of grains. It is really amazing to see it hanging without broken it. When holding the grains like my sister did, we realized that we should not waste any single rice that we ate because it does not comes easy. When it is only able to harvest 2-3 times a year and each paddy holding on is so strong to bring us good meal on our dining table. We should treasure every single bit of it.

We really learned our lesson here in Sekinchan. Thank you paddy for producing the food for us. Thank you farmer for bringing the rice to us.

Other attractions will be the fishing port, there are a lot of fishing boats here and some fishermen are packing up to start fishing in the sea. I just hope they won't catch anymore shark.

This Sekinchan trip was really meaningful to us even there ain't much entertainment here. But we learned to appreciate our food more. This is more important above all else.

On our journey to return to KL, I took a highway. This highway is newly built with no charges required temporary. The amazing part is this road does not exist in Google map. So I believe when this highway is launched, journey to Sekinchan will be shorten by an hour. If I am not mistaken, this highway will be linking to Guthrie Highway.

Total damage: RM38 (food) + RM75 (fuel + tol at Guthrie Highway)
Ambiance: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Slow
Will I revisit?: Yes, bring my kids along to make them learn this in the future. And of course without the shark meat.

Restoran Jiann Chyi (海口建旗海鮮飯店)
156, Jalan Bagan,
45400 Sekinchan.
Tel : 03-32414690
Open : 7am to 3pm

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