Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

What else you can do at Bukit Tinggi? After you past by the horse riding and rabbit farm, you will see a tol alike place where they will collect entrance fee. The charges are:
Weekdays: RM10/pax (adult), RM8/pax (child)
Weekends: RM12/pax (adult), RM10/pax (child)
*child is 4-12 years old.
Once you pay the entrance fee, you are able to access Japanese Tea House, Botanical Garden and Colmar Tropicale. Once you past by the tol alike, you will be facing a T junction where on your left is to Japanese Tea House and Botanical Garden while on your right is to Colmar Tropicale. Today, I will share with you the place to the right which is Colmar Tropicale.

This is the entrance. A charming picture-perfect French village inspired by the original Colmar Village in Alsace, France. As you sip coffee at the sidewalks of the cobblestone Colmar Square, you can almost believe that you are indeed in France.

View from the top
Inside the French Village
Entrance to the hotel lobby. Yes, there is a hotel here called Colmar Tropicale Hotel. In my opinion, it is not a worthwhile experience for a couple to stay here. However, for foreigner, family and bunch of friends, this will be an absolutely different experience. The lodging expenses here are costly and the service is bad too. The hotel rate starts from RM188++ per night. 
Like castle indeed.
Main attraction here is acrobat show from China. It is free of charge but it is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The sessions will be 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

Quite exciting and amazing feeling especially when it is free
They are small in size but their strength is enormous.
Lovely kids! Hopefully they are well paid of for what they are doing.
Feel like their bodies have no bones.
Bravo! Give them a round of applause! To them, I believe the most satisfaction part in their life is when receiving thunderous applause from the spectators. So please do clap as loud as you can when you watching them in action yea?
OMG! I feel pain even by just looking at them like this.
You gotta admit there are good. I cannot imagine how young they were when they started to learn this.
Beautiful! Strong, steady and elegant!
So straight. Very professional! They are making their parents proud. Good job!
Woaahh...amazing! Don't you feel the same too?
OMG! I can't watch this. 
You have to admit their talent. They did all the styles with a beautiful smile on their face. Hopefully this is their passion and they will enjoy it for the rest of their life.
You may spend at most 2 hours at this two places if join all the activities and dine in the restaurant. My advice for you is better to leave your car here and take the shuttle bus to Japanese Tea House. This is because the road to the Japanese Tea House is very steep, narrow and curvy.

Total Damage: RM36 (3 pax) - entrance fee
Ambiance: 5/5
Will I revisit?: No except when I have kids

Opening hours: 10.00am - 6.00pm

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  1. I had to NOTHING to do there in fact as I have been there for 3 times.

  2. Exactly. If is not the live acrobat show, this place has no attraction at all.


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