Japanese Tea House & Botanical Garden, Bukit Tinggi

What else you can do at Bukit Tinggi? After you past by the horse riding and rabbit farm, you will see a tol alike place where they will collect entrance fee. The charges are:
Weekdays: RM10/pax (adult), RM8/pax (child)
Weekends: RM12/pax (adult), RM10/pax (child)
*child is 4-12 years old.
Once you pay the entrance fee, you are able to access Japanese Tea House, Botanical Garden and Colmar Tropicale. Once you past by the tol alike, you will be facing a T junction where on your left is to Japanese Tea House and Botanical Garden while on your right is to Colmar Tropicale. Today, I will share with you the road to the left which are Japanese Tea House and Botanical Garden.

It is a very curvy and steep road to this Japanese Tea House. They are ample parking space for you to park your car here without any charges required. After you park your car, you have to walk up the hill for 10 minutes to reach to the Japanese Tea House. The air here is cool and breeze. You will feel peaceful and relax when you are here.

One of the activity here is renting a Kimono @RM20/pax. Choose over 50 types of different kimonos and designs and got the feel of becoming a traditional Japanese lady. After you are dressed, you are allowed to roam around the Japanese Tea House to take picture yourself for 30 minutes. Another activity here is Japanese Tea Ceremony @RM28/pax. You will witness how Japanese people serve their tea in a traditional Japanese house and of course you got the chance to taste their tea as well. The total duration is one hour and there are time slot for you to choose from. I did not join this activity because I just missed it and the next session may need to wait for 2 hours. So please forgive me for not having any photos for this activity. However, please enjoy the photos after we were dressed up in Kimonos.

For a lady, dressing up might take longer time than a guy.
Konichiwa! There you go after completion. Looks like Japanese girl right? Kire ne?
The front look
The rear look and the scenery on the whole Japanese Tea House. Very beautifully managed.
Kimono for guys. Not really worth it because it is too simple. The Japanese auntie dressed me up in less than 30 seconds. This is me trying to act like a Yakuza.
The front look. Well, experiencing this when you have not been to Japan is never a bad idea.
After the Japanese Tea House, you can walk down the hill for about 100m and you will find yourself at the Botanical Garden. This is the place where you will see a lot of type of flowers and trees that you might never seen before. 

There is a Japanese restaurant here too! It is called Ryo Zan Tei Japanese Restaurant. The food here is freaking expensive! Average RM30 and above. In addition, the service is extremely slow. However, you will have the experience dining in front of these beautiful flowers and trees. Sorry. The food not worthwhile for me to comment because the price like this you can get a better Japanese food in the city.

You may spend at least 3 hours at this two places if you join all the activities and dine in the restaurant. You may leave your car here and take shuttle bus to Colmar Tropicale. My advice for you is better leave your car at Colmar Tropicale and take the shuttle bus to Japanese Tea House. This is because the road to the Japanese Tea House is very steep, narrow and curvy.

Total damage: RM150
Ambiance: 5/5
Will I revisit:? Yes, for the Japanese Tea Ceremony perhaps.

Opening Hours: 10.00am - 6.00pm (daily)

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