Soon Huat Durian Market, Pandan Jaya

Today I have to introduce to you a fruit that is most of the people hate and also most of the people will die looking for it which is the King of Fruits a.k.a Durian. Now is the durian season, so you may see every where selling durian. But where is the genuine stall that selling really good durian? I can share with you one of the place is Soon Huat Durian Market located along the road of Jalan Pandan 1 at Pandan Jaya. 

Here you are. This is the stall. You can take away or even dine in! Just tell the lady boss what kind of durian you like to eat. If you know about durian, I can tell you that there are so many types of durian out there. Every durian you open can bring you different kind of taste. That is why durian is the king of all fruits. One thing good about this stall is they open the durian you requested for you, if you don't like the taste or you don't even like the looks, just return it back to them without additional charges. Fair right? No wi-fi provided here but you have no hands to use your gadgets anyway. No parking space provided here so create one your own. :p

Last time one of the most popular type of durian is D24. Today, D24 no longer is the best or even famous. So do not pick this type of durian anymore. Currently, D101 has replaced D24 status. Wow!!! The picture above is the D101 selling @RM10/kg. You can find cheaper around RM5-6/kg during the end of durian season. The taste of D101 brings more bitter sweet taste. It is amazing that you would like to grab the second one after you finished the first. 

Different type of durian has the different pricing. The durian above is the most expensive durian in the whole durian family. He does not have a code name but he got a name for himself. His name is Mountain Cat King direct translate from chinese which is called 猫山王. Cool name eh? King of the kings! How expensive are they? Early season, it can cause you as much as RM50/kg!!! Well, at that time I bought at RM20/kg. At the end of the season, you can enjoy it at RM15/kg. So now definitely you would like to know why it is so expensive, right? Usually when you eat a durian, you may take 10-15 seconds. For this king of the kings, you may take 3 times of the usual time you eat because the content of each durian is a lot! One whole durian can feed 2-3 persons can you imagine now? Still can't? Try them!

After having so much of durians, it is advisable to eat something cooling to neutralize because durian generates a lot of heat in your body. One of the choice as you can see is drink coconut @RM2.50! My girl is happily cooling herself down. Another alternative will be eating mangosteen.

When my auntie is happy, I will be happy too! As you can see, they have D13 too selling at RM10/kg. It is also one of the popular durian but the king of the kings fed 3 of us very well. Maybe next time. Sorry, D13.

Little rules & regulation before eating durian:

  1. Make sure the durian you choose, the branch is not dried up.
  2. When the time you want to buy a durian is raining, do not buy.
  3. Do not buy durian after 7pm.
  4. Do not leave your durian overnight.

Total Damage: RM64.50
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Will I revisit?: Yes, every year!

Soon Huat Durian Market
Jalan Pandan 1
Pandan Jaya 55100

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