Horse Trail Ride, Bukit Tinggi

When you are on the way to Bukit Tinggi, you will reach Horse Trail Ride first. Attention: A lot of humps here. Please beware and slow down your car or else your car definitely is going to hurt. Humps are made because they do not want you to speed along that road as that is also the horse riding route. The entrance fee to see big tall horses and taking pictures with them is RM2/pax. 

Okay, you got the white horse and where is the prince?
Never see a horse eat meh?
You are allowed to touch some horses only. But some horses you will be told to left them alone. Or else? They bite!
Okay, another horse just trying to get his head into the shot.
She is enjoying touching it. Got that nice meh?

There is a lead ride service available for you to feel the riding experience on a tall and strong horses. The price is at RM25/pax for 10 minutes.
Gallop gallop here we go! This is how a lead ride is. You are not really riding it yourself. :(
You can choose to ride it on your own or learn how to ride a horse. All the rates you can view at the website link below:
Horse Trail Ride Pricing Chart

Total damage: RM54 (2 pax)
Ambiance: 1/5
Will I revisit?: No, obviously it is too expensive.

Opening hours: 10.00am - 6.00pm (daily)

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