Vienna International Seafood and Teppanyaki Buffet Restaurant @United Square

After my last experience at Sakura International Buffet Restaurant, I have another amazing experience at Vienna International Seafood and Teppanyaki Buffet Restaurant. I find that there is a lot of such buffet restaurants at Singapore so I asked my local friends there the real reason. She told me that Singaporean known as "kiasu" people all these while so buffet is the best business for food & beverage business! I am really impressed with that quote.

This buffet cost will be as below;

Monday - Friday: S$33.80++ (adult), S$18.80++ (child)
Other days: S$35.80++ (adult), S$19.80++ (child)

Monday - Friday: S$40.80++ (adult), S$20.00++ (child)
Other days: S$42.80++ (adult), S$21.80++ (child)

Their price has increased S$4.00.

This is the free flow of drinks which as you can see the variety of drinks available. The best part is they served the drinks for you.
They served Buddha Jump Over Wall for us when we seated.
Tiger Prawns, Lobster and Crayfish are pretty fresh but the Crayfish tastes a little weird. Luckily I picked one only.
Not a bad Sashimi series for a buffet restaurant like this. Way way better than our Malaysia's Jogoya. However, not all are fresh especially Maguro, Ika and Tako are not.
My favorite Fresh Oyster which always gone in 5 seconds. I never see them last longer than that on the display table. I have to admit that they are really fresh, tasty and big too! However, if to compare to Zipangu's fresh oyster, this is not that fresh but still worth for you to eat as much as you can! I, myself had 1/2 a dozen.
Main highlight in this plate is the spicy mussels which is not bad as well.
Their scallops are real big but the spicy sauce is a spoiler. The blue small plate is the abalone which is not bad as well since it is served in a buffet restaurant.
My favorite soup - corn soup.
Tempura is not bad but the bird nest egg tarts are too sweet and the chawanmushi contains real fishy smell.
Vegetables teppanyaki which is not bad but just a little too oily only.

This mutton is real bad. All I can conclude is their teppanyaki session is not impressive.
Yam Puree is very delicious. For the soba, it soak for too long in the sauce, not really that nice anymore. Prawn cheese ball is delicious though. It is another hot items which finished pretty fast.
Weird Tequila shot and not really nice jelly.
Not really nice snow fungus dessert.
They has a full house at that night. even they has to arranged their table outside their restaurant. We are sitting very close to other patrons which has lost our privacy. This is quite an uncomfortable feeling.
As for the conclusion, I do feel their seafood is the main highlight on why this restaurant has a full house all the time. The best dishes will be the fresh oyster which finished in 5 seconds, butter cereal prawns which I do not get to taste finished in 10 seconds and the BBQ unagi which is finished fast as well. The price for a Malaysian like me is not really affordable but I guess for the local will not mind at all.

Total Damage: S$101.50
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Will I Revisit?: Yes

Vienna International Seafood & Teppanyaki Buffet Restaurant
101 Thomson Road
#B1-01 United Square
Tel: 6254 6686
Business Hours: 11.30am - 3.00pm (lunch), 5.30pm - 10.00pm (dinner)

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