Steaped, a modern way to appreciate tea @Pavilion Mall KL

When you happened to smell an unique aromatic tea fragrant when you are walking at Pavilion Mall KL, do look for the logo of a hummingbird where you will find Steaped. The store is clean, modern and revitalizing which is a perfect spot for customers looking for a perfect tea infusion to start their day. Steaped knows that coffee has always being the leader as an important beverage intake for most of our daily life. Tea is seldom in the picture. In order to make the breakthrough, they have created all kinds of recipes with amazing top quality ingredients just to persuade us that tea is a good choice too.
Steaped's Sweet Apple Pie @RM12.00 (regular)/RM13.50 (Large) - This is their most popular drink under Rooibos Signature Drinks category. Personally, I would really recommend this drink for being a starter in appreciating tea. The ingredients in it are rooibos, apple juice, cinnamon and nutmeg. Rooibos itself is a costly ingredient so you would expect the price of this drink would be slightly higher than others.
Butterfly Lemonade @RM12.00 (Regular)/RM13.50 (Large) - Actually it is in blue color which is colored by butterfly blue pea tip but after mixed with the lemonade juice, it has becomes purple. This juice is a little sourish but for those who love to have sourish taste in their drink must give this a try.
Silly Ole Bear @RM11.00 (Regular) / RM12.50 (Large) - By using our national flower, Hibiscus in a drink, it is definitely going to capture our nation's heart. Orange juice and green tea are the other ingredients to make this drink into a beautifully two toned color.
Watermelon Hibiscus @RM11.00 (Regular)/RM12.50 (Large) - If you think they only have one drink with the Hibiscus in it, then you were wrong. They really make the effort to research another one which is having watermelon and green tea together with the hibiscus in it. It is all different experience all together.
The best part for me about Steaped is they allow you to customize your own tea. This is really unique and special especially you got to control what ingredients you like in your tea. 
If you have no idea how to start, they already have pre custom made tea which they have already research in their lab at Canada. You can take a sniff before you decide to make it as your drink.
Basically every each one of them has their own signature. It is really a hard choice to make to determine which one is the best for yourself. You might have the feeling of trying every each one of them.

Finally, I made up my mind by choosing my most desired choice of all, Almond Coffee Hot Tea Latte @RM11.00. The reason I choose this is because I was captivated by the fragrant of the almond with a little hint of coffee smell it. The outcome was terrific and you should try it! I prefer this rather than most of the cafes which is using syrup to give such taste.
Overall, this is a very new concept to bring to the Malaysian market. It is not going to be easy and fast for everyone to accept it. It needs time. I really do hope they will have a better seating to allow customers to sit around and appreciate the beauty of their tea. I hope whenever you are in Pavilion Mall or Sunway Velocity, do drop by for a cup of tea. You will definitely know the difference and please don't compare them with the bubble milk tea by Tealive. This is a much healthier option than that.

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