Boat Quay, Singapore

So I took a ride of the River Taxi to another tourist spot which is known as Boat Quay. The above picture shows just the size of the Boat Quay. 
The most happening street is this street where all the stalls and vintage shop houses are built. 
One of most happening location will be this pub, The Penny Black.
Over here just too many pubs and restaurants so there is one restaurant have this large turtle to attract tourists.
Seems like this kid is more attracted with a live one. Oh my god, his tummy...I feel like want to play with it. Hahaha...
This is what the kid was looking at. Amazing huge crab!!! But this is not the largest.
Yes, the largest is the Alaskan Crab. It cost S$19.00/100g. This one already easily weight 3 kg. So you do the calculation.
Well, there are cheaper options available for crab lovers.
Lobsters!!! So huge! How come the more I see them, the more I want to eat them? Am I cruel?
Blue Lobster. I wonder where do they got all these "yummies". Why their seafood restaurants have better options than the one in Malaysia? Even when I am at Sandakan which is well-known for their seafood does not even have such varieties.
I wonder if they really follow. I feel like once I entered one of a restaurant, they will suck my money all out cleanly.
The Big Bird!!! It is a statue at UOB building. The head does not fit the body at all. Kinda weird.
The bird and the building to mark the end of my post about Boat Quay. Basically it is just restaurants and pubs by the river where the river is polluted and started to immerse an unpleasant smell. However, it is not a bad place to walk around but is not a must place to visit.

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