UK Farm Agro Resort, Kluang

This will be the longest ever post which is meant for celebrating my blog 3rd anniversary. This post is about an evolution from a traditional farm to a commercialize farm which has becoming a trend in Malaysia. Malaysia is a country which is having most of their export through plantation. Many plantation owner has diversified their farm into a tourist location. A good example is this UK Farm which is located at Air Hitam, a town off Kluang. It is just 5 minutes drive after you exited Air Hitam Toll.
The minimum entrance fee per pax is RM30. Additional RM15/pax will allow you to feed animal and free ice-cream, goat milk muffin and passion fruit drink. What I am going to introduce to you today is the RM60/pax which includes everything and lunch too. However, only if you have a minimum of 4 pax then you can enjoy this great offer.
Here are the overview map of the whole UK Farm with 100 acres for their 4000 goats and 15 acres for passion fruit.
The journey will takes about 3 hours depend how long you wish to stay in every pit stop. No matter what package you paid for, you got to enjoy the whole same journey as well.
Other activities which are charged separately such as Archery and Sheep Challenge. I will tell you more about Sheep Challenge in my next post.
The archery station looks a little shabby and not well maintained. The cost is RM10/pax for 12 arrows. Not really cheap as well.
There is a mini zoo which is free for you to visit while waiting for the bus to depart. Not a lot of animals to be seen here but you can expect to see snakes, peacock, turkey, chicken, duck and goose.
If your package is includes feeding the animal, you should have a packet of crushed corns to feed them. One packet for each person.
There is a lavender field here which is not very spectacular with their color. I almost missed it.
This is the bus that we are waiting for. Not really a beautiful decorated bus but I really like how it is designed for convenient for us to snap pictures along the way while having a cool breeze of wind under the hot sun. You have an option to upgrade your ride to horse carting which will cost you at RM160/pax for Monday to Thursday and RM200 for any other days.
Not a lot of people here on Monday - Thursday so we can enjoy having the whole bus for our own. Every bus will accompany by a tour guide whom will introduce and brief you the attractions throughout all the journey.
The first attraction is "Sheep Grazing". You will see the whole herd of goats galloping towards to the field for food.
According to our tour guide, the goats on that day were a little different than usual because usually they don't walk in such a slow pace but run! I prefer them to walk so that I can capture a good picture of them.
It is amazing to see them in group heading towards the destination without any goat will lost their way. There are lamb in here too but the lamb here does not have a white furry and fluffy wool on their body like we used to see on TV. The weather here in Malaysia is just too hot for such lamb to live in.
Off there go to the field full of green grass. There is a schedule set for this section. The time is 10.00am, 1.00pm and 4.00pm. So make sure you do not miss this section.
Just the field of grass is not enough for the goat to eat so they need to process more food here for the goat to eat when they are back to their barn.
This is the grass shredder which will shred the grass into tiny pieces.
After that they will mix it here together with some wheat and their food will be ready.
Their barn is 2-storey high where the goats will be placed on the first floor and their feces and pee will go down to the ground floor. Every time when these goats go to the field for food, the workers will clean their barn and their feces which is a very good fertilizer for them to put on the fruits they grown in this farm. Any extra will be sold to other farmer for their plantation.
We get to feed the goat here. Each one of us will get a packet of dried grass to feed. You can buy extra here if you think it is not enough. Once the goat chew on your grass, they are not going to let go of it. You are going to play a little tug of war with them. It is quite cool.
There are a lot of type of goats here and they are staying together. This is the weirdest goat for me because of its extremely long ears. I prefer my beagle dog's long ears rather than this one.
Time to have fun with baby goats! They are really cute! Baby goat is called a kid, male goat is called a buck and female goat is a doe.
Everyone get a chance to feed any goats they prefer at a designated session with just one milk bottle. It is chargeable if you want more. I like how they squeeze with each other for a bottle of milk.
There is a feeding schedule for this session. The time is 11.00am, 2.00pm, 5.00pm. Do not miss it!
Once they suck on it, it will be quite difficult to pull them out until the whole bottle is emptied. If you really wish to give multiple goats to enjoy just one bottle of milk, you better pull it out with some strength.
Not all really interested the milk that you are holding. Some are more interested with their mom's milk. For your information, the milk you are holding is made of milk powder of cow's milk.
While others are more interested with solid food. Their barn is quite clean for me because I have seen some places which is worst than this. However like any other farm, they are still very smelly. It will takes you quite a while to get used with the smell.
You can carry a baby goat which they are surprisingly light! Other than that, they are really cute!
This is the milk processing factory which is located not far from the barn earlier. All the does were lining up waiting to be milk.
It is really uncomfortable for a doe to have a bloated udder. This milking process is easing them and makes them feel better. So it is a win-win situation for both parties. They are comfortable and we got milk to drink.
The machine is using air pressure to suck the milk out from the doe and stored in an air-sealed stainless steel bucket.
The milking process will cause their orifice to be swollen pain but not less painful to compare with their bloated udder. So the worker will use iodine to prevent the swollen got worsen.
This is the place where the milk will be processed and pasteurized at 69 degrees Celsius  before it is safe for human to consume.
You will be given a sample to test the goat milk which is included in the package. The taste has a really strong gamey taste which I guess not many people can accept the taste. As for me, as long as they are milk, it would be okay for me.
This is the other product produced from the goat milk. I recommend the body lotion which is quite good in fragrance.
Of we go on the bus again and we reach the Ostrich Farm. The ostrich farm is separated into two to keep the male and female away from each other.
As usual, you can feed the ostrich if you signed up for the RM45/pax or RM60/pax package. Maybe you will feel afraid that the ostrich will bite off your hand when you feed them. As you can see from the picture, it is safe. You will feel like a hand massage. The amazing part is the ostrich will stop eating when they poke on your hand even there are still some corns left on your hands. This is really an amazing part of the ostrich.
This male ostrich is a little hyperactive today. Keep dancing and shaking around just to attract the female ostrich from the opposite side. 
I do not manage to capture all the gestures because my lens is not build to shoot from far. By the time I got closer, it has already stop dancing.
A closer look on a female ostrich. 
Nearby this ostrich farm are a lot of mango trees. Look at these mangoes, they are so HUGE! 3 times larger than a normal mango.
Let's move on to the next attraction which is the Jakun Village. Not really a big village. The owner of this farm employed a family from the Jakun tribe at Pahang to live here. 
So his family is building some wooden houses on this piece of land. Those located further away is built for his own use. While others are for display and for tourists like us to visit.
I like this tree house which is so high up on the tree but too bad the ladder to climb up to the house is not really in good condition.
This is a large trap to catch large prey. It is a functional display trap just for tourist to see how it works.
He will demonstrate how sharpshooter he is to shoot down a balloon using their traditional weapon which is known as "Sumpit".
The target is the balloon and it is hanging really high on top of the tree. He just need one shot to hit the target. Really amazing.
This is the bullet for the "sumpit" or better known as dart. The "sumpit" can only have one dart in it. So they need to be extremely accurate with the only one shot they got or else the prey will alert and run away. Usually the have put some poison at the end of the dart to paralyze the prey.
We are all having fun in the Jakun Village because that place is so chilly and windy. Even it is under a very hot sun.
Same as this place too! Nice breezing air. You will feel want to take a nap here. This place is another stop which is known as Tropical Arcade/Fruit Farm. You can have their self-plant coconut juice which is so sweet but expensive. It cost RM10.00 for a size of a mini football.
Since you are in the wild, do expect something from the wild such as a monitor lizard. No need to be afraid of it because it is more afraid of you.
When you have been walking for so long and started to wonder where is the place to have your mushroom snacks, here you the mushroom farm. 
Not a very big mushroom farm but it is helpful to have these directory board. 
There is a big wishing tree with a tree house on it. As you can see from the picture. there is a lot of colorful things hanging on the tree. That is the wishing packet. 
A closer look on one of the wishing packet that is hang on the tree. You can purchase this wishing packet at RM5.00/set. Write any wish you wish for in the small piece of paper and throw it on the tree. May you wish comes true!
There is another big tree house which is located nearby the wishing tree. This tree house can fit up to 4 people in it.
This is the mushroom house where they plant all the mushrooms. 
There are a lot of different type of mushrooms. Their most expensive mushroom is this Lingzhi mushroom. 
The most common mushroom in this mushroom house is this oyster mushroom. This is the beginning stage.
The later stage will look like this after 2-3 days but it is not ready yet to be picked.
This is how it is look like when it is fully grown after 4 days.
There is an organic farm planting organic watermelon.
They do sell healthy drinks which are made of Ling Zhi starts from RM3.00/bottle. I tried their Ling Zhi with Aloe Vera drink. Hardly taste the Lingzhi because it has been replaced by the taste of Aloe Vera.
There are some mushroom snacks available here if you wish to have your afternoon tea. Some interesting snacks are Shitake Olive Rice and Grilled Monkey Head Mushroom Satay.
The last attraction is the horse stable. If you are riding the horse-carting, your ride will ends here. In my opinion, it is really waste of money to use horse-carting to travel around this farm. Most of the time you walk, only a few location which you will be siting in it and it is only last about 5 minutes per ride.
The horses here are a little short. Not as tall and as mighty as you usually seen in the horse racing.
I am taller than a horse. Hmm..shouldn't be a horse taller than me?
Overall, it is really a good choice for once a while escape from the city and getting yourself some fresh air and life without technology. It is an excellent choice for kids to get close with the animals and understand their lifestyle. For your information, they do provide accommodation in chalet and dormitory style. The chalet is charged from RM180 onward. If you wonder what is the activity during at night, they have a night jungle trekking to test your courage and bravery.
As I have mentioned in the beginning of this post, this is the post that marks my 3 years composing this blog. I just love sharing and I am truly grateful that it is already more than a million viewers for just less than 3 years. There are people asking me whether I have earned something from this blog. To answer to that question, yes...I do but not money. I earned the experience through my journey around Malaysia which is so small but surprisingly too big for me to explore it. I also earned supporters that likes my honest critics. Without you, I would not have continue writing.
Carmen Tye is the first person to encourage me to write this blog. Without her, I would not have started this. Everyone has their own history but without those histories, you are not what you are today. So I am truly grateful to her no matter what happened to us now. Wishing her all the best in her life and thank you all for supporting me. I hope to receive more supports from you and I promise I will bring more exciting post to all of you. Thanks again.

Total Damage: RM300.00 (not inclusive coconut drink and Lingzhi drink)
Service: 4/5
Recommended: Yes

Plot 8, 
Project Pertanian Moden Kluang,
KM13 Jalan Batu Pahat, 
86000 Kluang,
Johor, Malaysia
Tel: 07-7597555
Business Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm (daily)

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