Bernie's Place @Ao Nang, Krabi

I have no knowledge in searching for a good food at AoNang, Krabi. So as usual, I will search online and check out other bloggers' post. What I can see the number one highly introduced restaurant is this, Bernie's Place. This is a BBQ Buffet Restaurant which only cost 250฿ per person exclusive drinks! So cheap! Well, the price excites me which I cannot say no to it.

Select you own meat for him to BBQ for you.
Leave your meat with him for around 10 mins 
After 10 mins, you are ready to eat. The corn is a bit cold and lack of taste of BBQ. The chicken is still ok but not perfect. The pork is too sweet which I find it weird to eat sweet meat. While the sausage is the worst sausage that I ever had in my life.
This is their buffet area. Not really have a lot of variety. There is no seafood session. Kind of disappointing where a buffet restaurant beside the beach does not provide seafood in their buffet line. 
In this plate, I just finished off the french fries. Other than that, I just able to take one bite. Seriously, not for human.
The spaghetti is slightly better. I finished the whole plate. Yummm!!! Alas, there is some normal food for me.
No place for you to toast the bread. Kind of big turn off. 
I finished all in this plate...yay!!!
This is their bar to make drinks for you which is not included in their buffet price.
Vanilla milkshake @89.00฿. The lousiest vanilla milkshake I ever had with such an expensive price. 
Coffee milkshake @89.00฿. Slightly better than vanilla milkshake but still not worth it.
This is the place...for you to recognize to avoid it at all cost.
I am pretty disappointed with those bloggers who highly rated this place. Yes, I have to admit the price is very reasonable but the food are really bad. The best part of this restaurant is their ice-cream from Nestle which comes with more than 8 types of different flavors to choose from. No wi-fi available here. Furthermore the place is quite dirty and you are served by sour face waitresses.

Total Damage: 678.00฿
Price: 5/5
Taste: 1/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Service: 2/5
Recommended?: No. Skip this....there are plenty of restaurant there which is way better than this.

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