Modes of Transportation @Krabi, Thailand

When travelling, we hope to save the most are on accommodation and transportation so that we can spend more for our entertainment, food and shopping! Most of us know for accommodation, we always can rely on online booking website such as and But how about transportation? 

In Thailand, no matter where you are, you can find so many types of transportation but sometimes you do not know which is the most economy one. So in this blog I will try to share as much information that I can to save your Baht.

Manchester United and Liverpool motorcycles. Oh, what about Chelsea??? unfair!
Shuttle Bus
  • The cheapest of all accommodation you can get. 
  • Most of the shuttle buses are equipped air-con. 
  • They do not make you stand in the bus. Once the seat is fully taken, the bus will not take anymore people in.
  • Comfortable

  • Stuffy - because of passengers and the air-con is not that cold. 
  • You have to wait for the bus is fully seated only the bus will go. This wait may takes up to 45 minutes.
  • Limited special compartment for your large bags. So hug them well together throughout the journey.
  • Only travel between cities. Not provided within a city.
  • Slow

Extra comments:
There are shuttle bus which is in a van type which only able to accommodate up to 8 passengers. Do choose this type of shuttle bus to save your waiting time and less stuffy. The best part is the price is the same!

Shuttle Bus - Lorry Type
  • Cheapest
  • Feel the natural air
  • Special compartment for your large bags on the top of the lorry.
  • Great for company trip transportation
  • No air-con
  • You have to wait for it to be fully seated. Same like shuttle bus
  • Only travel between cities.
  • Less comfortable to compare with a bus.
  • Smell the diesel
  • Slow
Songthaew - Pickup truck type taxi
  • Lesser seats which is up to 10-12 passengers only so the waiting time reduced
  • Enjoy the air and wind from our mother nature
  • Special compartments for your large bags
  • Travel between cities only
  • Not the cheapest. Cost 2x more expensive than a shuttle bus.
  • No air-con.
  • Less comfortable when is crowded.
  • Smell the diesel
  • Moderate Speed
Songthaew - Mini Pickup truck type taxi
  • Most clean and comfortable transportation. (excluding comparing with luxury taxi)
  • Enjoy the air and wind from our mother nature
  • Fastest taxi among all (excluding comparing with luxury taxi)
  • Some equipped with 6" TV and stereo system
  • Less waiting time as only can sit up to 6 passengers only.
  • Travel between cities and within a city too!
  • No diesel smell
  • No air-con
  • Still need to wait for other passengers for some taxi driver who wants to earn more
  • You need to hug your large bags.
  • Most expensive (excluding comparing with luxury taxi). Up to 5x more expensive than a shuttle bus
Closer look on how clean and comfortable they can be.
Tuk tuk

  • Private vehicle so you do not have to wait for other passengers
  • Enjoy the air and wind from our mother nature
  • Has a wider view of almost 180 degrees


  • Suffer greatly during the rain
  • Only travel within a city. You can opt for travel to neighboring cities if you do not mind of the slow speed.
  • Slow
  • Expensive - 3x more expensive than a shuttle bus.

Prefer to become a driver and drive to wherever you want? Rent a car or a cool jeep like this! It cost as low as ฿1000 - ฿5000 per day.
My personal favorite is rent a bike. Cheapest and most enjoyable ride to wherever you want. Starts from ฿100 - ฿500 per day. They will not check your driving license. So do not worry if you do not have one.
If you would like to rent a vehicle, gas is the main issue in Thailand and especially Krabi. You will find it very rare and hard to find a petrol station if to compare in Malaysia. So you will depend on small stalls like this to sell you some gas. My advice is if you are going for a long journey, do filled up some spare gas in a bottle to carry along with you.
Longtail Boat - look at their motor which has a long steel which is like a tail. This boat is a fast and cheapest compare to other boat. You will only see such local boats at Thailand and southern Myanmar only.
Additional information for you is all transportation is almost fixed and around the same if the transport is bind under a company. So do not bother to negotiate the price for any more further unless you compare prices between companies. If the transportation is their own, you always have the room for negotiation. There are no bottom price. There is only "your price". However, you have to consider the season as well. During peak season, "your price" will never exist. I hope I have given enough information for you to decide the types of vehicle you wish to take when you are here. If there is any other questions which you wish to know and I am not stated leave your comment ya? Thanks!

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