World's Tallest Indoor Slide, Empire Shopping Gallery

What is the fastest way from the highest floor in a shopping mall to reach to the ground floor? Escalator? Lift? Mostly we will use lift but still it is not the fastest. Actually, the fastest is this slide created by Lifestyle Electronics eXperiental Centre, Lex. Lately they have a promotion in Groupon and the link as below:

So as you can see this is their published price. The have happy hours too @RM8 per ride. Weekdays is 12pm - 6pm and weekends is 10am -12pm.

Alright, boys and girls! Please listen carefully to our Carmen Sensei. She is sharing important instruction that you should follow. It is important we adhere to it so that we won't get hurt and spoiled our mood of having fun!

We were here at the non peak hours so there is no queue here. Otherwise there will be a long queue especially on the weekends.

This is where you start your slide. Just be sure the light is green before you slide so that you won't crash onto other people. Safety first!

This is the tube where you will be sliding in. 5 stories high and it is recorded in the Guinness World Book of Record.

In less than 5 seconds after you slide, you will find yourself here. Way way faster than a lift right? Alright, now we can continue shopping at Lovely Lace. LOL.

For me I think this is a good experience for people who seek for ultimate fun and adventurous person. I hope this slide will open during emergency evacuation so that people at the highest level can escape in a split second to a safety spot.

Total damage: RM14 (2 pax)
Freakout Level: 2/5
Price: 3/5 - RM7 still ok, RM12 is a bit too much.
Will I revisit?: Just once in a lifetime will do.

Lifestyle Electronics Experiential Centre (LeX)
S01, Second Floor, 

Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan 16/1, 
SS16 Subang Jaya, 
47500 Selangor.
Phone: 03-5022 2977

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