Chong Hua Road Kong Piah, Sibu

If you happened to eat Kong Piah, it is originally from Sibu. The first time Kong Piah I tried is at Kuching which is known as Rihga. Kong Piah is always known as dry food but today we went to a stall which is selling one and only wet Kong Piah. It is their secret recipe which is solely owned by them and no one able to imitate them. That is what I have been told. 

There is no business name for this place but always known by the local as Chong Hua Road Kong Piah. So if you are looking for this place, you just have to ask the local for the Chong Hua Road Kong Piah or ask around where to eat the wet type Kong Piah. Please ask the real local who already still living there ya?

This is the only picture I able to take on the stall. After that, I have been restricted by the uncle to take anymore pictures. As you can see the stall is located in the house. Here is the residential area.
Interesting lime juice which the color is quite different than what I used to drink. Sorry that this and the below pictures are taking using my Samsung SIII secretly so the picture will be slightly pixel rated.
Kong Piah @RM1.40
Outlook: 4/5
Creativity: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 - After taste this wet Kong Piah, I understand why he is so strict to have no photography on his premises. It is absolutely unique and very delicious. The gravy has very strong Chinese herbal taste. The way they sell this is very simple. If you choose to have pork slices on top of your Kong Piah, you will get 2 pieces Kong Piah only. Otherwise, you will get 3 pieces of Kong Piah. Both package cost RM1.40. This is to make the aging couple in calculating the bill.

It is really sad that I can see there is no sign of descendant whom will take over this great Kong Piah recipe and no intention by the owner to share his recipe to the public. So if you really wish to try, please do get here as fast as possible or else I afraid there will be no longer wet Kong Piah exist.

Total Damage: RM1.40
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 2/5
Food Serving Speed: Fast
Recommended?: Yes
Opening Hours: 8.00am - 4.00pm (or until their Kong Piahs are sold out)

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