Rihga Kong Piah @Song Kheng Hai Ground Food And Recreation Centre, Kuching

It is July!!! Happy 1st Anniversary to my blog. LOL. Hahaha...so with the starting of this new July, I am going to share with you back to back experience that I had at Kuching. Half of this month will be talking about Kuching which some of you my find it bored but to those who are looking forward for a Kuching trip, these posts might help. Today I will start of with Kong Piah which is known to be originated from Sibu. Anyway, we got the chance to taste it here at Rihga which is one of the stalls located at the first floor inside Song Kheng Hai Ground Food And Recreation Centre.

In this journey and expedition in Kuching will be fully accompanied by my sister. She is also my inspire whom push me to create this blog after I am so indulge in photography. She supported me greatly for the first 6 months but after that she getting rarely to do so already. Pretty sad...no special reason to it but that is her. Anyway, I will credit this post to her.
This is the Kong Piah which comes with 3 different flavors (Ham, Cheese and Original) for RM0.80/piece. It tastes like a harden bread which I find it pretty interesting. You are recommended to try these place if you happened to be around. However, it is not really recommended for you to make time for it.
Kuching's ABC...like this?
Two types of ABC which are fresh milk and coconut milk flavor. I still prefer the ABC from my hometown. 
That is the Kong Piah and also the ABC next to it. Please click on the location map below to get the exact location of the place.

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