Pasar Pagi @Sibu

After the Night Market post, I think this time you really have to question me whether do I have to visit a Pasar Pagi??? Hahaha...seriously, I also do not understand why I willingly to wake up at 6.00am just to come over here. I can't remember when is the last time I walk a market. However, just enjoy the following pictures in a Pasar Pagi.
Apam Balik is a hot item in Sibu as one of their favorite snacks. 
Look at those pans are full and working hard to supply the demand. We had to wait for 40 Apam Baliks to reach our turn. It is approximately 30 minutes wait. We did not wait because it was way too long.
There are other local snacks beside Apam Balik so we are free to choose whatever we see that please us to cover up our earlier disappointment.
This looks interesting but I did not buy any because I still prefer Apam Balik.
There are deep fried food too! In my opinion, when you are travelling try to avoid heaty food like this. You can try a little to taste them but not trying to feed yourself with them. You will easily fall sick and spoil your entire journey.
There are a lot of interesting things such as this pumpkin alike which I find it pretty interesting but I forgot the name for it.
Ground products - Anything grow under our earth is here for sale...
What is this? Not sure...anyone willing to enlighten me?
Not that I do not know what is this but I just want to share my favorite tofu!
Paku Pakis! It is a type of fern and it is one of the hot vegetables in the west Malaysia. Not frequent you will find in East Malaysia except Malacca where you will find it in a Nyonya restaurant and an example will be Nyonya Makko Restaurant.
Midin! It is another type of fern but this is not a good one. We did not find any good Midin on that day because a good Midin must not have too many leaves. It must have more spiral shape on top of it. That is the tasty part.
Fruits...fruits...a beautiful colors for the apples but I wonder if they taste good as well.
I still prefer this. In Malay, it is called Jambu Air but in English there are many and I list some interesting English names which are Wax Apple, Love Apple, Water Apple, Mountain Apple, Rose Apple and etc. Wax Apple? Wow...what a name! I prefer Water Apple instead.
Another no idea what it is called. Seen some where and maybe I have eaten before.
Blood Orange! You can test the taste first. Not really sweet but sourish too! So we did not get any.
Snails product...anyone? I tired this and it is selling using "kong" instead of gram or kg. What is kong? Kong is what you see the silver tin can. One full can is consider 1 kong. Very interesting measurement which I believe each kong should comes in different sizes.
More snails! Like to cook them with sambal belacan! Very delicious. Sorry if I sound like some Fear Factor task.
Let's move on with meat at Sibu. Nothing interesting here in this picture which you see as many other markets are selling...chicken! What is interesting is the following photos.
Do you see the auntie is tying up something?
There you go, that's how they sell their live stocks here! 
Here is the ducks. As you can see there is no slaughter house here for these live stocks so I believe they will do it at home. Wow! That's a hardcore thing to be happen in their kitchen. Ewe...
That's how you purchase and bag them back home. Normal to them, interesting for me. Haha...
Sorry for a little blur because I was shaking when see this. Errr...these are rabbit meats and I really hate to see people eat rabbit. Well, it seems like people here do.
This is even worst! I bet you can guess what are these. Let me answer it for you. These are squirrel meats. Can you imagine how many squirrels are in there in that large black plastic bag? I can't imagine and it is not just one stall selling squirrel meat. I seen at least 3 stalls selling it.
Frog! The only live slaughter you can see here in the market.
Slaughtering in progress! Too much gore in this picture. Well, let's skip this. 
What?? Dog meat? I mean puppy meat?? No, please don't misunderstand. These are not for eaten. Hmm...quite cute aren't they.
Fresh flowers are for sale too. Basically, this simple market does almost cover everything. Surprisingly, I am pretty glad that I came because I am able to see and learn so many things! It was a fruitful one. Well, if you were to ask me whether this tour recommended for you? Well, it is really up to you based on your own personal interest. =)

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