Bukit Aup Jubilee, Sibu

Bukit Aup Jubilee is one of Sibu's attraction which really not attractive to me to purposely flyover to Sibu to visit. However, since I am there for 5 days and got nothing better to do, so I will just make my point there. 
The map of Bukit Aup Jubilee. I hardly see the wordings on the wood. The picture is after edited and enhance the brightness of the wordings. Very badly done. Anyway, just view it for your reference.
Here is the man made lake with thousands of Koi fishes. The walking pavement is well built for you to walk over the lake.
The fishes follow wherever you are when you walk on the pavement like this. You can buy the fish food for RM2.00 to feed them.
Swimming above each other to fight for the food. I wonder if the person in charge here does feed them or not because I feel that if they depend on us to buy the fish food to feed these thousand fishes will definitely not enough. There are not a lot of visitors to be there and purposely buy fish food to feed them.
See how the fishes follow you until that close. They really REALLY hungry.
The water in this lake is pretty dirty and looks oily. A little smelly too! Despite a good scenery like this.
It is nice to walk around the park with green trees around you. It makes you feel relax and have a better mood.
They are playground for kids too! Not really well maintained but I think it is good enough already.
Parents must be with the kids if they wish to climb up to something like this tall.
View from the top over the playground.
Do not know what is this for and no indication what does it represents but it does look like a little native feel.
Another great view over this park. You can climb up this hill to have a better view over the whole Sibu but according to my friend's aunt, not as many people as before would like to climb the hill anymore so she afraid it is a little too dangerous. Well, I think if you climb in groups, there should be nothing to worry about. I did not make the climb because the night is crawling in and I am not sure how long to take to reach the top.

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