Restoran Sumeragi Shio @Sri Petaling

Have you dine in a restaurant combining Sushi and Dim Sum together? Dim Sum a food that should be served hot with Sushi which should be served chill. How will their kitchen going to be like? Curiosity aroused me ever since I saw this deal at and their link for the deal as below:
45% discount for an ala-carte buffet Dim Sum and Sushi

Furthermore, it is an ala-carte buffet! I am getting more interested.

Okay, the following photos are fully taken by her. I need to train her for a basic photography skill. As for the rating, due to it is buffet, too many photos required to rate. So I simplified the rate by rating the taste only.
For the first time I am seeing this. It is stated eco-friendly but how many plastic is require to wrap up like this?
Rice Crepe filled with Prawns - 2/5
Steamed Dumplings with Shrimps and Scallops - 3/5
Steamed Crystal Dumplings Filled with Truffle Shrimp - 4/5
Steamed Pasties in Shanghai Style with Superior Soup - 2/5
Steamed Dumplings with Pork, Shrimps and Fish Roe - 4/5
Coriander Steamed Dumplings - 3/5
Steamed Dumplings with Shark Fin and Coriander - 2/5
The above three pictures are the only Sushi they served as others are not available. I do not wish to rate one by one as all of them is the same rate at 2/5 because they are not fresh at all.
Char Siew Bao - 2/5
Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings with Salad Sauce - 2/5
Fried Shrimp Dumplings - 3/5
Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun - 5/5
This is the place for you to remember to skip them at all cost.
From my experiment in this restaurant, a restaurant cannot master a sushi and dim sum at the same time. I think they should just stick with dim sum because their dim sum is much better than sushi. As for this deal, I do not feel it is worth it because almost 50% of their menu is no longer available. I do not understand what is the purpose they still displaying in the website about their menu. It is kind of scam to me. Yes, my word maybe harsh but nothing is more disappointing than dining in a restaurant with full of hope on their menu but ended up you have limited to choose from.

Furthermore, if they do not give the 45% discount for the buffet, RM54.00/pax for such buffet is totally not worth it.

Total Damage: RM70.00
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Will I Revisit?: No

Sumeragi Shio
105, Jalan Radin Bagus,
Sri Petaling,
57000 KL
Tel: 010-273 4883 (do not bother to call, most of the time will go into voicebox)
Business Hours: 11am - 8pm


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