Universal Studio, Sentosa

Contructions of Resorts World Sentosa, and Universal Studios Singapore began on 19 April 2008. After almost 2 years of construction, the park opened on 18 March 2010. The official grand opening of the park was held on 28 May 2011. So I have to make my point to this great place in the same year too.

The ticket price is S$72 (peak) and S$66 (non-peak). For full ticket pricing chart, please click on the link here: Ticket Chart

Together with me is my good friend, Wei Ling. I am carrying a big back pack which I planned to go back to Malaysia after the tour. They have a locker available near the main entrance of the Universal Studio. The duration available are 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 24 hours. So I have no choice but to put my backpack for a 24 hours time frame which cost me S$20.00.
Monster Rock. It is a Rock-N-Roll concerts by Universal Classic Monster such as Frankenstein, Phantom, Vampire, Mummy, Shewolf, Werewolf and etc. 3 stars.
One of the roadside decorations which you can take photo with.
Accelerator. Test your giddiness level by spinning all the way for 5 minutes. Not really my type. 2 stars.
This is the two type of coasters which are Cylon (Blue) and Human (Red). I prefer Cylon rather than Human. Bags and loose items such as keys, mobile phone and wallet are not allowed to bring along. They have a free 30 minutes locker for you. Unlike Sunway Lagoon which makes you pay for their locker. Please be advised to those who has a weak heart, do not try this. Cylon: 5 stars, Human: 4 stars.
Another coaster which is more fun than expected! Have you ever ride a coaster in the dark and the coaster can reverse?? Totally amazing experience for me. 5 stars.
Do not ever try to miss this one! Donkey Live! Yes, you are going to see a real donkey from Shrek here!!! I will not share any detail information to you because it is for you to find out. What I can share is I was really surprised with it. 5 stars
Shrek 4D Adventure. The 3D effect is way better than movies in the theater with using a simple 3D glasses. The 4D effect...hahaha...don't ever try to compare with the one at Genting and Langkawi which are just rocking the chairs. A lot of surprises for you to find out. You will definitely laugh all the way until the end of the show. 5 stars.
Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. Telling you a short story with Madagascar character, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria on a river ride. Photography are allowed here. 3 stars
Waterworld. Please do not ever try to skip this one or you will regret it. They only have two shows which are at 12.30pm and 4.30pm because the preparations for each show are very tedious. When you watch the show and you will know what I mean. Oh, ya...you may get wet here! Please ready your umbrella. Of course if you are sitting on blue and green bench. If you do not plan to get wet, find a red bench to sit on. Note: Please do not bring babies here. Not really advisable. 5 stars.
He got one discussing tongue. LOL. Another attraction is to find all Universal characters that is roaming around the park. Take picture with them. They are fun!
Darn...this Frankenstein is really a freak! I almost suffocated by him! 
Catch live show by 3 pretty ladies by the road. They sings very well!
Check out a short 1 minute video on them!

Not in the photo, another attraction which is worth to go is the Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg. 5 stars for me.

We have two well known theme park and have been established for a long time which are Genting Theme Park and Sunway Lagoon. Genting Theme Park is created with the purpose of having a theme park on a mountain in Malaysia. They do not have the intention of making visitor to feel amazed and entertained with their effort when leaving the place like what Universal Studio does. Luckily they managed to rope in Universal Studio together to win the bid at Sentosa. Otherwise if they open their own theme park and I believe there will be no difference than the one on the mountain.

Sunway Lagoon is another failure which is their entrance fee already costing a bomb but when you enter the park, you need to pay more to play their certain attractions such as bungee jump, go-kart, surfing and etc. This is really very disappointing when you know you have to pay again after the entrance fee. There is only one attraction at Universal Studio that has to pay which is Amber Rock Climb.

As for the conclusion, you will leave Universal Studio with a big smile because you definitely can see and feel every single effort they have put in order to make your day.

Total Damage: S$162.00
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Freakout Level: 5/5
Will I Revisit?: Yes. Wanted to opt for their annual pass.


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