K80 Go-Karting Session, City Karting @Shah Alam

Driving a go cart like a F1 driver before? I always dream about this and doing it together with my sister who is lack of adventurous gene in her. So lately Dealmates is offering a great deal to experience such feel in a F1 circuit alike! The link for the offer as below:

So basically in this voucher you are paying for RM25 instead of  RM35 for a 100cc go kart. 100cc is very fast. Please do not compare with Genting's go-kart which a bicycle can be faster than that. However, the major turn off is only valid on weekdays. Actually does not really affect me that much since I am owning my business. Haha...

We went there twice. The first time she wear a skirt so not really good for her to drive. By the way, there is a two-seater go kart available too!
So we make our second attempt this time and all the staffs still remember her as "the girl with her skirt" even almost 3 weeks! She is so famous and obviously she was so proud of it. Sweat! Anyway, firstly you need to wear a shower cap for hygiene purpose and also to wrap all your hair in it for safety purpose. Wrap you hair lar! Still posing! Sweat x2!
Next, you choose a helmet. She never wear a helmet before. So please bear with her.
Finally! She is done!!! But why is she wearing a dress this time? Hehe...she has a short pant in it so that is why you see her lower part of her body seems like having 42". No worries..I am not going to let my sister to expose anything.
So she is ready! Oh, that's me! Sorry that you will rarely see me in my own blog. After a demand made by my Elayne jie again..... so here I am. Happy ma, Elayne jie? :p
She is excited! I was excited too because wondering how fast she is going to ride on it. In the end, she rode with an average speed of 30 km/h. OMG! I have overtaken her for 4 laps in that 10 minutes. She asked me why she do not need to use her brake geh? And I answered her why you will need to use a brake with that kind of speed??? Cute but silly eh? That's my sister. Everybody there is racing but she seems like sight seeing for 10 minutes and ended up with quite serious sunburn. Sorry, mui. I wish I had chosen the 2 seaters go kart instead. Really regret about it.
So in the end she decided to drive my car instead of driving a go-kart. Reason? Got air-con lor...LOL. P.S: Please look at her arm. The redness is so obvious. Poor girl...just wanted to satisfy her brother's pleasure...heartache already :(

So this is the place. All the information are here. Great! Save my time to copy and paste. LOL

Overall it was a great experience for me and my sister. I once spent RM60 at Langkawi for such a ride. RM25 is a really worthwhile deal. Great job Dealmates! But I hope they can extend to weekends as well so that more people can enjoy the fun!

Total Damage: RM50 (2 pax)
Freakout Level: 3/5
Service: 5/5
Will I revisit?: Yes, for another same deal.

City Karting Event Management
Car Park Western 5, Stadium Shah Alam, 
Section 13, Shah Alam, Selangor 40000
603-5512 5868

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