Cactus Point, Brinchang

At Cameron Highlands, basically you able to see signboards to lead you to their farm or you will see a conveniently located farm like this by the main road. This is the Cactus Point where there are thousands of fresh bonsai for you to take home to put in your lovely garden. 
There are some plants they did named them together with the prices. Some are not. That is something this place go to improve. Maybe they are more to business minded rather than setting up and education place for us to learn.
However, I have to admit they really have a lot of different types of plants selling here especially their cactus. Do enjoy all my following pictures and be impressed with their beauty and awkwardness as well.

This is the flower from a cactus. Really beautiful.

Overall, I do recommend everyone to drop by to visit this place and let your children to learn and know some of these plants. After all, the entrance is free of charge. However, please remember to watch out to avoid them from touching the cactus. I really hope the owner of this place willing to take his precious time to name all their plants. I don't think it is hard.
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 1/5
Recommended?: Yes

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