Lavender Garden, Tringkap

Not all the farms or gardens are free entrance. A place such as Lavender Garden which is locating just beside the main road at Tringkap needs entrance fee of RM5.00 (adult) and RM3.00 (child). 
This is the graphical of the the Lavender Garden so you know what to expect before you decide to pay for the entrance fee.
What makes me want to visit here because I am expecting something great to see in this garden since you are required to pay for it. Below are the flowers that you are going to see the moment you step in the garden.

Lavender is also one of the reason for me to visit this garden but unfortunately Lavender on that month is not really impressive.
Having a love concept lock like this is a good way to make great money. RM25 for one lock and write a short note with it and locked them on their walls. Easy money. For lady, this must be very romantic for them. For a guy like me, that's how I want to impress my girl to show how romantic I am.
Not sure what is the purpose for these mini house. Looks like a pigeon house to me.
Very beautiful scenery to have all the colorful flowers growing by the slope of the small hill.
A closer look.
Very creatively done to have the boots as the vase to grow plants.
Here is the path to lead you to the top of the hill. They have a cafe on top of the hill which is serving delicious Strawberry Milk Tea, Strawberry Coffee and Lavender Tea.
This is the view from the top and we can see a farm right opposite this garden.
They are trying to have a concept like Bai Wan Kui Yuan at Guangzhou which is to make the garden to become a venue for wedding photo shoot. Honestly, they are still very far away to compare to the standard like the Bai Wan Kui Yuan. The reason is the garden is not really big.
The best part is for me about this place is they are having these colorful Gerbera for you to pick yourself at RM2.00 per stalk. Not a lot now otherwise it will be a very magnificent view to see. Below are the colors that are available here to pick.

When there are flowers, there will be bees especially you are at Cameron Highlands where a lot of bee farms around. So just be careful when you are watching all those beautiful flowers. Just try not to provoke them.
They do have self pick strawberries here too. The price is RM35/kg.
In my opinion, it is not really worthwhile to pay for the entrance just to visit a couple of types of flowers only. They should have give free entrance or just charge RM1.00 only. Nothing more. Most of the flower gardens in Cameron Highlands are chargeable for their entrance for example Rose Garden, Rose Valley and Rose Center.
Total Damage: RM20.00
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Recommended?: No

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