Blueberry Earthouse, Brinchang

Apart of the Tea Plantation, another thing that is MUST do at Cameron Highland is to visit a Strawberry Farm.
I recommend Blueberry Earthouse for your self pluck strawberry adventures. Located at the same small road which headed to Sungai Palas Boh Tea Center. You will see this first which is on your left just 500m away from the main road.
They have more than 20 rows like this for you to pick your own preferred strawberries. 
They charged at RM40/kg and maximum of 4 pax to enter. You can eat the strawberries directly after plucking. They have included it in the price of the strawberry you are plucking. So you don't have to be shy to eat.
You do not need to wash the strawberry to eat because any pesticide or watering is done in the soil itself only. If you wash the strawberries, the strawberries will turn black.
This is the future strawberry to be. Nice little flower before blooming into a sweet strawberry.
Beautiful little strawberry which has an attractive color inviting you to pluck them straight away and eat!
Closer look so you know how big is the size. They are some strawberries that are two times bigger than this. Usually a huge strawberry is not sour. 
RM40/kg is quite expensive especially if you do not eat their strawberries when you are plucking. Others will cost more or less the same so it is really unnecessary to compare prices. There are some which just cost RM25/kg but not a lot of strawberries to choose from.
Always pluck the most redish color you can find because that is the ripest which you can eat it right away!
A lot of strawberries to choose from so you really can take your own sweet time to pick them.
It is really fun to pick and eat which in the end you will not knowing that you have picked more than 1kg of strawberries. So just take note and control yourself from over picking them. Every strawberries you picked will be weighted and charged so you cannot tell them that you do not want them or do not want some of them.
That's a basket and a scissor will be given for you to cut. I prefer just using my hand to pluck and eat!
Just walk a little further down you will see this small flower garden is here for you to do a photography session.
I am expecting to see blueberry here but I can't find a single blueberry in this farm. 
The road up here are really steep and the amazing building to see is this earth house. That is why this place is called Blueberry Earthouse. 
This earth house is a restaurant but the sad part is the earth house is under renovation. This is a real regret and I am not sure how long the renovation is going to be.
All I can do is taking more pictures of their exterior design.
Very creatively the bottles are put in the wall together with the earth. This has made a really beautiful design with it.
They grow grass on the roof too which makes this earth house very cool. No matter how hot is the sun shining on the house, the wall is still remain cool when I touched it.
Overall I find this place is highly recommended to visit and experience the self pluck strawberry and also checking out a magnificent building made from earth.
Total Damage: RM49.00
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Recommended?: Yes

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