Ee Feng Gu Bee Farm, Brinchang

If you are traveling from Tanah Rata heading to Brinchang, you can easily find this Ee Feng Gu at the right side of the road. They are plotted in Google Map too. So it should be no issue for finding them.
Ee Feng Gu is a bee farm and the entrance is free of charge.
They have several level for you to visit.
This is the ground floor where the bee product and souvenirs are sold here. Forget about getting their fresh products because they are expensive and not really good quality.
Bee Hive Maze is located at the Basement Level 2. There are chargeable at RM3.00 (adult) and RM2.00 (kids). No one lining up for it so I doubt it is a popular attraction.
At the Basement Level 2, which is their bee farm where you can get close and personal with the bees. However, with a caution notice board like would not want to do any "fear factor" challenge here.
A lot of bee hive like this in the bee farm. They need this supplier in order to sell it at their store. In order to share some good pictures with my loyal readers, I decided to go in deeper to explore the bee farm. Actually, you do not have to be afraid of bees. As long as you are not disturbing them, they will not attack you.
They are selling RM45.00 for 1 liter of pure honey. I would not say is really cheap but I believe the quality is there so we can buy without a doubt that they add any other additional artificial ingredients in it.
Their bees are feeding on the flower pollen. A forest bee will be feeding on a tree nectar. The difference as I have understand from the staff working there is that the flower pollen is the one that will attract the ants while from the tree nectar will not. I am not sure how accurate is their statement but through my experience, ants really not interested with honey that made from a tree nectar.
Overall, I do not really recommend the Ee Feng Gu because their farm is not really exciting. I am expecting something like having a tour guide to take us around the farm and giving some little knowledge about bee. It would perfect if they can let us to taste a small portion of their fresh beeswax to eat and a tiny cup of honey juice to drink. I have not yet to meet any bee farm in Cameron Highlands provides such service.
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 1/5
Recommended?: No

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