Blue Coral Aquarium @KL Tower

Apart of Aquaria KLCC at KL that you can enjoy underwater fishes, Blue Coral Aquarium at KL Tower do provide the same enjoyment as well.
RM18.00 (interenational) and RM15.00 (myKad) for each pax but the size of their aquarium is 10x smaller than Aquaria KLCC
Most interesting part is this fish with a long nose. I have not meet such a fish during my dive and I am not sure what is the name of this fish. They do not have any introduction board about the fish in the aquarium. 
This trigger fish is something common to see when I dive and they are really the nuisance fish that will bite.
They do have sharks here too but they are still a baby shark. This is the blacktip reef shark which is the less dangerous to human.
When diving and you see a whitetip reef shark like this. Try to keep your distance as far as possible. They are more dangerous to human and has the possibility to attack.
There are a lot of giant groupers stay together with the baby sharks. Seems like these groupers are not afraid of the baby shark.
Porcupine fish is the cutest fish for me. I really wish to see them blown up! That should be very cute!
Pufferfish is ugly but there are really a premium stuff for sashimi.

Lionfish is very beautiful to be seen but if their population increased will disrupt the underwater food chain. 
A giant puffer fish! I have seen 3 times larger than this.
Please do enjoy the rest of the picture of the fishes.

There is a larger aquarium for bigger fishes.

When they are still young there are still this size.
After a year they become this huge! Incredible!

These are the smaller aquarium for smaller fishes.
If they do provide an introduction board for the visitors to understand more about the fishes will be better. Overall, I do not think that to visit this aquarium which is too small and the price is not cheap at all. It is better to go to Aquaria KLCC.
Total Damage: RM60.00
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Will I Revisit?: No

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