Mountain Strawberry Farm, Brinchang

The same road to the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Center, after you passed by the tea center, the next road that allows you to turn left, take that turn and drive for 10-15 minutes. You will reach another farm which is known as Mountain Strawberry Farm. 
The road to this farm is so steep and dangerous. The road is just enough for one vehicle to move. Once you saw a vehicle coming from your opposite direction, do not panic. Just try to move the side if possible. If can't, someone got to give in and reverse their car.
The road trip was tough so do not visit if is raining or the road is still wet after a heavy rainfall.
However, the scenery up in this mountain is really great and priceless. Take more shot and you won't regret with every picture you take. You can just choose to shoot the picture right out from your car window.
Here we are finally!!!
This is the farm where you can pick strawberries and vegetables. All are 100% guarantee freshness!
RM40.00/kg as well for a maximum of 2 person. Quite small and empty as we can see. I would still prefer the Blueberry Earthouse.
Now I know that Brinjal is look like this when they are still young.
Rabbit's paradise: Carrot!
Do you know what is this? I am not sure what it is called but my auntie from London told me that it is called "Big Root". But I couldn't find them in the net.
This is it. Familiar what is it now?
Lettuces!! You can pluck any vegetables you like here and harvest them like a farmer.
Cabbages!!! The prices here are not really cheap and you can get the same price at the market at any major town in Cameron Highlands. You do not have to drive through the mountain to get vegetables.
Tomatoes!!! The advantage of getting yourself here is to experience harvesting and also you are able to ensure you are really picking a 100% fresh vegetables just right from the ground.
Rows of tomatoes! Really awesome to see and know how does the tomatoes are grown.
You can even eat them right away if you want to!
Cruciferous vegetables. No pesticide is used so as you can see the holes on the leaves and few insects crawling over it. This is what you have to expect from an organic vegetable. 
Radish is still not ready to be plucked. The worker said it has been taken by some other tourist.
They have few bonsai for sale too.
Overall, I do not think it is necessary to come here for their strawberry and vegetables because you can get similar rate for the strawberry at a much easier accessible area and for the vegetable, the price is the same compare with the market in the town. There is no need for extra effort to drive through the tough road to reach here. What I like about this place is their service is good. They have very few visitors a day so they tend to provide a VVIP treatment to all their potential customers.
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Recommended?: No

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