Oyaki (by The Loaf), Pavilion

Opened by The Loaf and it is specially opened to sell the Japanese Oyaki! Oyaki is a Japanese dumpling made of fermented buckwheat dough and wrapped around a stuffing of any ingredient as you like and then roasted on an iron pan. 
Their promotion and your choices.
A display of their Oyaki! They start to sell all the Oyaki they listed at 12.00pm even though they opened at 10.30am.
A close shot on their Green Tea. Sorry, don't ask me why it is not the same as their illustrated.
Passion Fruit Cream Cheese - one of their new flavor.
Mango Cream Cheese - every each Oyaki is cost RM2.90++. Not inclusive government tax.
I, myself only chose two flavor which are Red Bean Coconut and Green Tea. I do not know how does other think but I think it is not really that nice at all. I feel like it should served hot. However, it is worth an experience to try something which we seldom get to see around here. 

Total Damage: RM6.15
Taste: 2/5
Will I Revisit?: No, one time experience will do.

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