Tokyo Street @Pavilion

I believe I have blogged most of the food here at Tokyo Street except Suki-Ya and Ginza Cafe. In this post, I will blog something rather interesting which capturing my eyes on their art and creativity. It was done by one of the shop at Tokyo Street which is called The Jekyll & Hyde Project. The have their items to exhibit in front of the entrance and allowing me to take pictures of them. I feel honored. Let's view their art and creativity which definitely awe you away!
Having stress at work? Squeeze it! Choose one of the look which looks like your boss and you squeeze it whenever you feel stressed! I think it works! Especially if your boss is having the same look and you can see how their face being squeezed!
I like this one! I wonder which of my ex-boss looks like this...hmmm...RM106 for each of the squeeze ball. Expensive? I am not sure...even if I buy it, I don't mean want to relief stress...I just wanted to reward the designer who created this. Their creativity deserved a recognition, don't you think so?
Green Pin - what it is used what you can see on the wood. Very rare chance for me to use it though.
Peace Gun - This is a rubber band gun and you can load at least four rubber bands. Believe it or not, it can auto reload after you shoot after you have taken your first shot! I like this! If any of my friends have a baby boy, maybe I will buy them one.
Eraser - Ya is a normal eraser. Don't think something complicated.
Photo Hanger - need photo frame or photo album. Just use a photo hanger!
Magnets - This is the most expensive magnet that I ever seen
Scoop - Now your scoop can stand by itself.
Clip - This is just a normal clip to clip anything you like!
Paper knife - This paper cutter is real expensive but pretty sharp and useful ya? It works better than a pen knife
The gold and silver version will be much more expensive.
Memo - Just write your short memo and stuck it there. You only can use once. Quite a waste.
Rubber Band - This should be given a reward! They are so beautiful. Can you imagine no matter how you use the rubber band, and it will turn back to their original state once you are not using it.
Chopstick - Yes can avoid the tip from touch the table surface but will it be hard to use? I wonder.
Hook - Is just a hook with the magnet. I wonder how strong can it hold.
Sake cup - Will the sake taste better with this?
Cup Noodle Holder - Yes, this is what I have been looking for!!! I always wanted something to hold my cup noodle while waiting for it to be ready to eat!
Earpick - Wow, for my luxury and pampered ear.
Clip Magnet - Yes, is a normal clip magnet.
I bet you understand that it is used for right?
The house chores tools has become extremely luxury!
A stool and also a dustbin.
Not for eaten but it helps your food from becoming stale.
Another type of dustbin.
More Dustbin!
I like this crayon! I bought one which is cost at RM70. Very colorful and nice!
These are crayons too! Good for kids!
Lunch Box (Big)
Lunch Box (Small)
This is for my precious toilet bowl.
Door Stoppers
This thing is kinda too big to help me to wear my leather shoes
This is their Exhibition area where they have a stage for it.
This is the shop and free wrapping service is available in any purchase!

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