Nightwalk at Waterfront, Kuching

There are no real nightlife at Kuching because most of the restaurants and stalls are closing when close to 10.00pm while for the shops are closing at 5.00pm. This kind of time is really not suitable for people who get used to have a nightlife. One of the place you can visit during at night is their Kuching Waterfront. This is where the Santubong river is located.
A light tower to light up the dark river.
Some sort of mini castle which I am not sure what is it for.
What I know is to make some eerie ghostly effect on it. Lol...
The grand Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak is located just opposite the river. 
Yup, stay away from alcohol and drugs. Maybe I will listen for the "drugs" part but no alcohol no life lar...sorry. However, I do not understand why have such notice along the river...and not just one but plenty of these too...Shouldn't such notice to be placed at Travilion instead?
More shots over the Dewan. Most likely a best landmark at Kuching.
River Cruise is available here where they will bring you along the Santubong River.
Things that you do inside the Sarawak Cruise. It cost RM60/pax and estimated for 1 hour 30 minutes ride. I did not take the ride because it is only available before 7.00pm. The sun is too hot for me to enjoy the ride.
Cruise is just too big for you? You can try their local traditional boat cruise instead. It is cheaper too! This does not interest me either because the weather is really hot! I won't enjoy riding with such a weather.
There is a luxury cafe here at Waterfront which is known as James Brooke Bistro & Cafe. Opens from 10.30am - 10.30pm and drinks only extend until 12.00am. Over priced food and drinks with no air-con and wi-fi. The worst part is feeding the mosquitoes.
So this is the waterfront which allows you to take a stroll along the Santubong river for almost 1km walk. Please be alert and be extra careful when you are here because there are crimes such as robbery happened here targeting tourist. Stay away from dark spots. Guards and police station post is nearby if you encounter any mishaps. 

This is a healthy nightlife but if you are looking for slightly unhealthy nightlife, you can always go to Travilion where all the nightclubs are located there. When I was at Travillion, I was surprised to see the locals orders a carton of beers instead of a bucket. I feel like I am so low class when ordering a bucket there. Hahaha...but a carton is just too common to them but exaggerate for me. As always, I hate beers as it gives me tummy which I need to be work extra in the gym later.

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