Offtime, Kluang

Nightlife in Kluang, apart of Ozo Bistro & Studio for a semi-healthy category, the next will be this Offtime. Very promising hangout and chillout location but still lack of something happening to get crowd attention. It is an open air concept pub which in the end we are feeding mosquitoes.
It is located outside of the Kluang Parade and that is the one of part where the most of the crowd gathered on the Friday night. Pretty not happening all I can say. The menu does have some heavy types of food, non-alcoholic drinks and the alcoholic ones.
Stretching all the way which is almost a 50 meters long. You can slightly see a pretty small projector screen showing movie without any sound because the background sound is covered by the hip-hop songs. No dance floor. If you kinda "high", you can dance around your own table. Ya, lame...I know. I am not sure how long is this place going to survive with such entertainment they have and not very comfortable place to drink when the mosquitoes are there to spoil your Friday night.
The girls for that night...haha...don't invite me here next time. Thanks! :p
P.S Dear Readers: I will be going for backpacking trip from Sibu to Kota Kinabalu. See you all in mid August and will update all that soon! Meanwhile, just enjoy my other posts. Last but not least, happy chillout, happy soulout and happy freakout. Pas De Nom bailing out! :)

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