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Wind Cave a.k.a Gua Angin, Bau

We love nature explorations but jungle trekking and mountain climbing are just too extensive activities especially to my little princess sister. She does not have the sporty physical to support her in such activities. So we decided to a non extensive nature exploration which is a cave exploration. There are 2 nearest caves to Kuching and so we headed to the first one which is called Wind Cave a.k.a Gua Angin which is located at Bau. Another cave is called Fairy Cave a.k.a Gua Pari-Pari. It is a 90 minutes drive from the Kuching City and she was nicely slept all the way leaving me alone driving and trying hard to look for the cave location. This supposed to be their main entrance but recently these place is sealed because of a landslide.
Even though the entrance is sealed, we saw a nearby river stream which is so beautiful enough to capture our attention.
Clean and clear water which is a good place for swimming and bathing.
Outstanding landscape around it which will makes you treasure the nature more.
Don't worry, the guy is not drowning but I just do not know why he is taking his handphone into the water. A waterproof test? Just a notice for you all who is planning to swim here, do not swim when is raining or after a rain pour because the current of this stream will grow stronger and might wash you off.
Since we are not going to wet ourselves, let's have a short photo shooting session before we begins to travel to the real entrance of the wind cave.
Alright, dear sister...let's have a duet photo together. Err...what is that hand pose suppose to mean ya?
Oh my, she is real cute! :)
Wokey, here we are! The entrance has shifted to here. About 300 meters away from where we were before.
Here you are, as you can see that they are only opens from 8.30am till 4.30pm. Please do note the warning sign. You really have to watch your head at all times either outside the cave or inside the cave.
More warning signs! The wild fruit is really big! As big as a human head! You do not wish them to hit your head. Stay away at all cost.
Before you start your journey, please do take a look with their main board which displaying the cave map, warnings and rules & regulations. Over here the cave map are the actual one. However, due to ongoing construction, the cave passage from 4 routes and shorten to one.
This is the only route available for us to explore as of others are still under construction which expected to finish by end of June. I wonder how true is that. If that is the case, now the construction should be completed.
This wind cave required to pay an entrance fee of RM1.00/pax. There is an optional torchlight rental at RM3.00/unit. I do advice you to bring your own torchlight because their torchlight is not really bright at all. Other than that, I do not think they should charge us for the entrance fee due to the place still under construction.
A picture before we make the grand entrance to the only passage to the cave.
Stalagmite is a type of speleothem that rises from the floor of a limestone cave due to the dripping of mineralized solutions and the deposition of calcium carbonate. This stalagmite formation occurs only under certain pH conditions within the underground cavern. The corresponding formation on the ceiling of a cave is known as a stalactite. If these formations grow together, the result is known as a column.
This cave is real pitch dark. Very hard to get a light like this into the cave. So basically you are highly depending on your torchlight.
You can see it is really dark and that's the nicely built pavement made for us to walk in the cave. Inside this caves are full of insert eating bats. The smell of the bats are roaming all around the cave and their feces are all over the floor. You will have a slight difficult in breathing because of the smell.
They have educational boards like this to teach you along your cave exploration. Very informative for us to learn. However, we are the only explorer in that cave, my sister is not very comfortable with the darkness and lots of bats around. Poor girl...
Another fantastic landscape which is so unbelievable until a stage you will question yourself how does these kind of holes are made inside a mountain???
She smiles when she sees the sunlight but lost it when back to the dark. Haha...she is real cute!
This is the place we saw thousands of bats clinging on the ceiling of the caves. Bats hate lights and they relying on their shrieking sound to travel in the cave. If you try to point your torchlight over them, they will scattered and you able to see their red color eyes shining over you. That is really going to give you the real chill right into your spine.
The bottom of the cave. Without the pavement, I really do not know how to travel with such road like that. Overall, this exploration took us around 15 minutes because of the ongoing construction. Quite creepy cave if you are travelling in a small team like us. However, this is an educational cave where the educational boards are there to teach you about the cave and how does it made of. About the bats, they are harmless because they only eat insects. Since they eat insects, so you do not have to worry about insects especially mosquitoes. I will travel to this cave again once their construction completed. Next stop: Fairy Cave a.k.a Gua Pari-Pari
Total Damage: RM5.00
Freakout Level: 4/5
Recommended?: Yes

I have spent $$$ and time to look for this place and not even one website able to give me a right pinpoint. Please depend on the link of my location map given in this post. It is reliable. Trust me.

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