Fairy Cave a.k.a Gua Pari-Pari, Bau

Fairy Cave a.k.a Gua Pari-Pari is the second cave that I explored in Kuching after my experience at Wind Cave a.k.a Gua Angin. This cave is also located at Bau which is approximately 18 km away from the Wind Cave
The cave will be right inside the heart of this mountain. All right let's start our exploration! Oh, by the way. There is no entrance fee will be charged in this cave unlike the Wind Cave.
Yes, you will see this four-storey high tower which you need to climb to reach to the entrance of the cave. You may start to sigh or grumbling of its height. Don't worry, we have an alternative road to the the entrance.
How about this route? Hehehehe...I think you should know which route to choose by now.
After a few puffing sound and sighing sound made by my sister, here we are reaching the entrance of the cave which is just lie beyond this staircase. I believe this four-storey tower has taken almost 50% of her stamina.
On the top of the entrance of the cave, we spotted this. Looks like a huge lizard and that's why my sister was stunned in the previous photo.
Anyway, let's get in. Since it is a free entrance, you will not see a map of the cave like what I had at Wind Cave. So basically is "explore yourself" concept. Luckily a man made pavement like this helps us a little to guide us where we should go.
Please watch out the stairs in this cave. They are dark and slippery. There are a lot of waters dripping inside this cave.
After a few climbs, we reached this amazing view inside the mountain. How astonishing this view is. It is a very HUGE hole in this mountain.
So we continue to climb further to reach the viewing platform which is man made. There are chairs and benches available for you to seat but they are very dirty.
A closer look on the hole.
A view from the top to the bottom. Simply amazing! I really amazed how nature itself can turn this into. Anything seems possible.
Wanna know why it is called Fairy Cave? As I mentioned before there are a lot of water dripping inside this cave which they treated the water as Fairy Drops so that is where the name comes from.
Okay, she has fully used up all her energy and she is no longer able to pose like she always do. Honestly, I will say she did a very great job because she is not those sporty person. She is more to quiet and prefer to seat rather than stand person. Sound like an old woman and yeah...it does.
More view inside this cave. Basically this cave is brighter and able to give you the perfect scenery inside a cave unlike the Wind Cave but it has no educational board is available here to teach you about a cave. Due to no route map is given in this cave, we are not sure what other roads may lead us to. The following pictures will show you there are a couple of entrances which we thought we can continue our exploration. But most of them are dead end.
With pavement, I thought is a route but it is a dead end.
No, nothing there. Is another dead end.
This looks like a human's throat. Anyway, it is a dead end too even though it looks like a route lies beyond this.
I am more convinced that this is surely a possible route to guide us to the inner heart of the cave. But my sister is too afraid to go on because it is really dark in there and we does not have a good torchlight to shine us through.
Well, I need to give her a good pat on her shoulder because this kind of thing is never her thing and she done it very well. She did it because she has the urge of wanted to try and I was there with her to do it. Bravo, sis..you are wonderful!
This is another amazing landscape which is located a few meters away from the entrance of the cave. Overall, I believe this cave is the best of all in Kuching. I really do not mind they charge visitors to enter this cave because at least there is someone to manage this cave and take care of them. I saw some graffiti in this cave which is a vandalism for me and ruining this cave original look. Further more, there are Chinese joss stick inside this cave which I believe someone using it to pray over something. Well, as for the conclusion...just hope our government will managed this cave from someone abusing it.
A word of advice for visitors, please treasure this piece of gift from our mother nature and at the same time do carry items below;

1) A good torchlight
2) A good pair of shoes which is non slippery
3) Water
4) A stick either to help you to climb or to defend yourself since this place has no security at all and very quiet. Anything happens, you have no one to call to.
5) Preferable if you come with a tour guide or in a bigger group of people. Do not come in couple like us did which we are just too daring and it is not advisable to do so. I knew from the beginning when I reach the entrance of the cave but I did not want to tell my sister because I do not want to panic her. However, I was very alert with the surroundings so that I can protect her if anything happens. Due to I was too alert, I never really enjoy the scene at ease.
6) Please click on the link at the end of this post for the exact location of this place. Trust me, it is very accurate.

Total Damage: RM0.00
Ambiance: 5/5
Freakout Level: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes


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