Munakata Japanese Restaurant @Bangunan Life Centre

After my ala-carte Japanese Buffet experience at Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant, my hunt for more ala-carte Japanese buffet has becoming very active. This time I introduce to you another ala-carte Japanese buffet which is called Munakata Japanese Restaurant at Bangunan Life Centre which is located along the Jalan Sultan Ismail.

RM70++ per person for their dinner buffet which is much more expensive than Umai-ya. The difference is their buffet dinner is available on everyday. However for Umai-ya only available for weekend lunch buffet.
Hehe, Ailin is my special guest for tonight! Thanks for able to carve a beautiful smile even on her tiresome day. Good food just going to make everyone happy.
This is their menu for the ala-carte buffet. Due to too many photo of dishes in this post, I will shorten the food rating. Let's begin with our line of buffet!
Chawan Mushi: Savoury egg-custard - 4/5
Unagi Kabayaki: Grilled eel coated with sweet soya sauce - 2/5
Sake Chazuke: Salmon tea porridge - 3/5
Umaki Tamago: Grilled eel wrapped in cooked egg - 2/5
Sake Teriyaki: Grilledsalmon coated with sweet soya sauce - 4/5
Shishamo: Grilled smelt fish - 4/5
Saba Shioyaki: Grilled mackerel with salt - 2/5
Gindara Teriyaki - Grilled cod fish coated with sweet soya sauce
Hotate No Butter Shoyu Yaki: Grilled scallop with butter & soya sauce - 3/5
Ankake Age Tofu: Deep fried bean-curd with thick starchy sauce - 4/5
Tori Tsukune Yaki: Skewered chicken meat ball coated with savoury sauce - 2/5
Salmon Sashimi: Fresh sliced salmon - 4/5
Teppan-Yaki Chicken: Fried chicken on hot iron plate - 2/5
Tempura Moriawase: Assorted seafood & vegetables in batter - 3/5
Yakitori: Barbecued skewered chicken - 3/5
Edamame: Boiled green peas - 4/5
Furai Moriawase: Mixed Seafood - 3/5
Yakinasu No Nikumiso Kake: Grilled brinjal topped with minced chicken meat & soya bean paste - 3/5
Nigiri Salmon Sushi: Vinegared rice ball topped with fresh sliced salmon - 3/5
Niwatori No Tatsuta Age: Deep-fried chicken Japanese tatsuta age style - 3/5
Kitsune Soba: Hot broth wheat noodles with fried bean curd - 2/5
Teppan-Yaki Seafood: Teppan seafood - 3/5
Soft Shell Crab Tempura: Deep fried battered soft shell crab - 3/5 
They only have vanilla and green tea ice cream only.
Kudamono Moriawase: Assorted seasonal fruits.
They only provide salmon sashimi which is a big letdown for such an expensive buffet. When I dine in this restaurant, I keep comparing with Umai-ya and it gives me a feeling that this is really not worth it. Therefore, in my opinion, this is not a place you should choose for your ala-carte Japanese buffet experience.

Total Damage: RM162.40
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Food Serving Speed: Slow
Will I Revisit?: No

Japanese Restaurant Munakata
Mezzanine Floor, Bangunan Life Centre,
20, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 KL
Tel: 03-21667441
Business Hours: 
Lunch: 12.00pm - 3.00pm
Dinner: 6.30pm - 11.00pm
Closed for lunch on Public Holidays and Sunday closed.

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