Pulau Sulug, Kota Kinabalu

Continue from my previous blog about Pulau Manukan. As I have mentioned in my blog earlier that, I booked a charter boat for this adventure which means I can go to any 5 islands I like in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park such as Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Mamutik and even this Pulau Sulug.  I always find it very curious about Pulau Sulug for being one of the 5 great islands at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park but there are trips to all the islands except Pulau Sulug. I was have been wondering way until I get a chance here using my charter boat.
All other 4 islands has a jetty but no jetty here??? So we had to jump into the water and walk to the island and I got shocked!
Look at the rubbish along this beach!!! How can this be one of the island in a park?? This is a very sad discovery.
Actually, I was told...I should say I have been warned by the charter boat company that there is "nothing" in Pulau Sulug. I cannot imagine what is "nothing" at that point of time until I found out now.
Pulau Gaya has 3 large resorts on the island. It is one of the few islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park with accommodation on it. The other one is at Pulau Manukan which has only one resort. As for Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik, there are only camping site which is cost RM10/night (not inclusive the tent rental). As for Pulau Sulug, there is nothing there. There were once a resort was built in the island. After some tough competition, they have closed down. No place for food, no restroom, no human here except us and the best thing is no entrance fee compare with other islands which entrance fee is required. Absolutely nothing here but a mini jungle. The boatman said we could do jungle trekking here. I wonder if there is a trail. 
Somehow, we still having our sweet time to snorkel at this island which somehow become our private island. LOL.
There are no beautiful corals in this island. Nothing at all. Somehow I am still able to spot a sea slug which has become our consolation prize.
Actually, Pulau Sulug is an island famous for their diving spots. Most dive center will bring you either to Pulau Sapi or Pulau Sulug for diving at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.
This type of fish again at Kota Kinabalu. Started to get bored with the dive here.
Nothing impressive corals here and the water is so milky. Fishes are common...yawn...
Giant puffer fish...really common. Unless I can make him bloated...that's something new! LOL
Tiny crab spotted...so tiny!
The sea creatures here are so afraid of human. Unlike my experience at Pulau Sipadan, I can swim real slow and close to the green turtle there. But here, the green turtle swims so fast which I almost can't catch up with them. Not fun at all.
Lobster, hiding under the rocks...hard to get a good picture for it.
His companion is dead outside the rock just recently...no wonder he is hidden deep inside.
Nice to spot some shrimp but not having a good picture of it. They just keep hiding themselves.
Common nudi branch...nothing fantastic.
Lots of small catfishes which looks like sperms to me. LOL
Got too bored in the end I just went and play with anemone fish. They are adorable and friendly.
Lots of lion fish here at Kota Kinabalu. Too many lion fishes will cause other sea creatures to move away. A bad sign for diving at KK.
This is a real large sea cucumber. The only thing I dare to touch with my bare hand.
Some corals are still worth to see but really rare.
Really amazing to see how the corals looks like in closely.
Look at these fishing net. I cannot believe they allow fishing at this park. Ridiculous! They should have protect this marine park! By the way, I have a video below to share about we captured a Bamboo Shark. Quite exciting! The first time I touched a live shark.

Overall, Pulau Sulug is not a good snorkeling beach and is almost like a deserted island which it is shouldn't be consider as a part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. It is really a shame to find the island that way. Every year I dive here at TARP, I find that the sea is getting more and more boring. I no longer think TARP is a good diving site. Next year, I will try to dive at Pulau Tiga and Pulau Usukan. They seems promising somehow.
Total Damage: RM600.00
Ambiance: 0/5
Freakout Level: 1/5
Recommended?: No

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