Sungai Padas White Water Rafting, Beaufort

At Kota Kinabalu, there are two famous rafting sites which are Kiulu White Water Rafting which I have introduced previously and second is this most exciting Padas White Water Rafting. This journey will take one whole day which starts as early as 5.30am in the morning.
The reason for traveling this early is because we need to take approximately 2 hours bus ride to Stesen Keretapi Beaufort to catch the 7.50am train to Pangi Station. That is the rafting start point. 
This is the only train that is working for several decades in Borneo. Pretty sad. The route covered is very short and only cover the rural area of Sabah.
This train is really old and almost ancient. You may have doubt about this train but I think it works pretty well to me.
The only issue is really limited cabins available. 2 cabins for stocks like this. This is where the locals will transport their harvested vegetables or fishes to the city to sell. Do not be surprised if you see a cow in the cabin. Luckily not happened to me on that day.
Another 2 cabins are for the passengers. No air-con in this train and the fans that are shown in the picture are not functional. So the cabin is basically hot like sauna in the evening.
This is the train ticket. Quite cheap for the local to travel to the bigger city. Seriously, without this train, the rural areas citizen will lost contact with the outside world.
Off we go, riding along the fields and beside the Padas River which we are going to do our adventure later on.
What happened??? Temporary, the train will stop here for interchange at Saliwangan Station because of the landslide which has destroyed the railway track. 
Off we walk to the other side and found a stranded train which I thought it is the train we need to get on next. 
We are asked to standby here for 10 - 15 mins for the train to arrive.
When you are boring, you can lie on the track like this to rest. Just kidding. Kids, please do not try this.
While for others, they are having fun gambling on the railway track. Nice mobile gambling den! LOL
Here it comes and we are ready to "climb" up the train. The train is quite high to climb from here.
We will have a pit stop at Royoh Station, we are asked to put our belongings here such as clothes because this is the ending point of the rafting activity. This is also the place you change a dry clothes and have your lunch.
This journey took us more than 3 hours and we are finally here at Pangi Station.
Here we have our safety briefing and signing of Liability Release Form.
The river in Sungai Padas flows without mercy. That's why it is classed Grade III - IV.
The adventure had to have these safety canoe which will come closer to us if we fall off the raft. We will grab the canoe from flowing further away.
This is the only calm water area which you can swim. However, you might not be interested because of the river color. Yeah, there are brown and not a clear water river.
Here it comes. The rapid is endless and you just have to make sure you hang on tight and avoid from falling off the raft.
Crazy rapid but I love them! Let's go!
We have a total of 5 rafts doing that adventure. The more the merrier. I love water fighting between raft. However, we are asked to maintain a good distance just to avoid bumping on each other in the rapid or bumping on someone who drop into the river.
I lost count how many rapid we had in that trip. If not mistaken should be around 10 rapids like this. Fun eh? I like it!
Because I like to see someone falling off the raft. Actually I fell into the river thrice myself. Hahaha...
Oppss...anyone notice him? He is flowing away...don't worry the safety canoe will come by to save him.
All about white water rafting is to challenge the rapid and stay on the raft.
Or just fell off of it. Either one is fun for me. LOL. Another important part in the rafting process is the guide must be fun and make us excited.
The ride is about 90 minutes and I feel it is quite short because we spent like more than 5 hours journey for a 90 minutes fun. Seems like it shouldn't to be this short.
Overall, this is a really good adventure if you have nothing to do for one whole day. I just not satisfy that it is only 90 minutes of adventure when you spent for one whole day.
Things to bring: 

Sandal with strap / sport shoe, 
Short and T-shirt (Not white colour), 
Swimwear, Payment / Service Voucher, 
Extra pocket money, 
Insect repellent, 
Sun-block lotion, 
Change of clothes, 
Cap / Hat

Total Damage: RM235.00/pax
Service: 4/5
Price: 2/5
Freakout Level: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes

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