Lang Cave, Gunung Mulu National Park

The moment we touched down from Kota Kinabalu, we were rushed to Lang Cave and Deer Cave. For this post, I will just introduce about Lang Cave only. If you walk in to the information counter, this tour is chargeable at RM25/pax for these 2 caves.
It is just 1.5km walk to the destination. A guide is compulsory. They have a well built walking platform for us to walk on safely to the destination.
They are amazing ground to see along the road.
The trees are mighty tall and strong. Basically, the trees are remain untouched for many many years. I am glad they are doing that so that my generation will still able to see the same tree grows even bigger and stronger.
We are lucky enough to see a lantern bug. There are always come in pair. Lovely couple.
We took almost 30 minutes to reach the destination. We have wasted so much time in taking photographs along the journey. Luckily we are there early because we were told by the guide that we are going to see the bats flying out from the Deer Cave around 5.45pm - 6.00pm. From the picture, you can see the left cave is the Deer Cave and the right cave is the Lang Cave.
Since we are early, we can take a tour inside both caves before watching the bats. Lang Cave is the nearest.
It is called Lang Cave because it is spotted by a local Berawan man named Lang Belarek.
The ceiling is really low in this cave so if you are at the height of 1.80m, please mind your head at all times.
When stalactite and stalagmite combined, it is called a column or some called pillar. It is all about stalactite and stalagmite in this cave.
These are the webs to trap insects. Very different with a spider web. I tried to touch is and it does really stick like glue.
The cave is dark. It was my flash light which has made it brighter as if there are strong lights inside the cave.
Very low caves and everything seems to be within your reach. I like this kind of feeling.
At this point the ceiling is just 1.70m above the ground.
The walk path is slippery at all times so a good non-slippery shoes is required to keep you from falling down.
Stalactite dropping waters on stalagmite which in the end they will united as a column but the water will still continue to flow. This water contains mineral which will make them grow slowly.
These are the flowstone which usually found below stalagmite. This is how it is look like under my bright flash light but the picture below will show you how does it look like after I switch my flash off.
Can you see any difference with the top picture? Yeah, basically without the flash, the picture of the cave is more 3D but with the flash everything looks 2D. So it is the best to capture them without any flash. To get to know the real looks. However, a shaky hand will not get you a good picture and no tripod is allowed in any caves at Mulu.
Awesome scenery for the foreigners because this is the creation of the mother earth. Truly awesome and beyond words to explain how great it is.
Close shoot on the flowstone...they looks like lava which has frozen.
More pictures of the flowstone because I like the natural design of the flowstone the most.
These columns are very important to make the cave strong throughout the years. Our acidic human hands should avoid touching it at all cost because we might destroy them from growing after our acid mixed with their mineral.
A good look on to the ceiling of the cave. Lot of straws hanging above us.
This is the tallest ceiling in the whole Lang Cave.
Even they are so close to join as a column but I do not think I will be still alive to see them together.
The walkway is very well built and I believe they maintain them very well. So walk with ease but do not run. 
There are shallow streams inside this cave which has small fishes in it. The total duration of the walk will takes around 10-15 mins. If you take photograph, you might spend longer than that. Well, I hate to have a guide because they will just request you to walk a little faster.
Overall, this cave is a great walk. Enjoying the breezing air in the cave without any smell of the guano. Just remember to carry a good torchlight and have a good pair of shoes. Please stay tuned for my next post about Deer Cave and I will be posting the real show of the live bats coming out from the cave.

Things to bring:
1) A non-slip pair of shoes or a strap sandal
2) A bright torchlight with extra batteries just in case you running out of battery in the cave.
3) Wear shorts so that you can walk comfortably.

Total Damage: RM25/pax
Ambiance: 4/5
Freakout Level: 2/5
Recommended?: Yes

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