Pulau Manukan, Kota Kinabalu

Finally I am here at Pulau Manukan. This island is the most famous among all other islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park which are Pulau Sapi, Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sulug and Pulau Mamutik. There is a reason and after my explanation below you will understand.
White sand, blue and green water...really beautiful. Pulau Gaya has 3 large resorts on the island. It is one of the few islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park with accommodation on it. The other one is at Pulau Manukan which has only one resort. As for Pulau Sapi and Pulau Mamutik, there are only camping site which is cost RM10/night (not inclusive the tent rental). As for Pulau Sulug, there is nothing there. There were once a resort was built in the island. After some tough competition, they have closed down.
The snorkeling area is big and if you are a good swimmer, you can go to the deeper water where you will see corals with beautiful fishes around it.
There are few ways to come to this island. First, you stay in this island which cost you between RM300 - RM500 per night depend on season. Second, you are joining for an island hopping trip which might cost you around RM150/pax including buffet lunch and snorkeling equipment. Third, go to the island yourself which cost you around RM30/pax for a return trip which I have experienced in my Pulau Mamutik trip. Lastly which is what I did was booked a charter boat at RM650 which you can have a maximum of 6 pax in the boat and you can go to any island you want without any restricted boat time. 
The facilities on this island is really complete. They have a economy rice restaurant which cost you around RM6.00 onwards for a meal. Other than that is their souvenir shop and sea sport rental shop. You can rent your beach equipment or snorkeling equipment here. The most important thing for me is their toilet is cleaner than Pulau Mamutik.
As I have mentioned earlier, you can stay in this island. Apart of Pulau Gaya, this is another island that is allowed tourists to stay on it. After all this island is the second largest island among the 5 islands.
A romantic lunch or dinner by the beach? Perfect!
Only Pulau MamutikPulau Sapi and Pulau Manukan will have the sea activities such as Para-sailing, banana boat and jet-ski. However, only Pulau Manukan have this activity which is called Scuba-doo. This is like a motor bike which you will ride under the sea at the max depth of 5meter. Other than Scuba-doo, sea-walking is also only available at Pulau Manukan. They are charging at RM250/pax but if you can speak in Malay which proves you are local, they will charge you only at RM150/pax. The duration is 20 minutes and they only work until 12.00pm.
The sea activities are just too expensive for me. I would rather do snorkeling myself. Cheap and fun! The sea water is really cold! We had our wet suit on to keep us a little warm. Basically you do not need a life jacket if you have your fins on. Fins are not just helping you to swim comfortably but also helping you to float easily too.
Not many fishes in the shallow area, so we have to swim near the bridge where all the fishes are taking cover from the sun. There are people bring food to attract these fishes to go around them.
I prefer to go to the deeper water to see beautiful corals.
Somehow my China friends enjoying themselves...while I am still not really satisfy with what I have seen. I prefer diving because I can see more fishes. 
The largest fish I can see is this. by snorkeling. Really pity.That's why I don't really fancy snorkeling.
Overall, if you would like to select the island you wish to go at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Pulau Manukan must be the first in your list. You will enjoy full range of things to do over here. Please take note that there is an entrance fee when entering this island. RM3.00 for local and RM15.00 for foreigner.
Total Damage: RM650
Ambiance: 4/5
Food on the island: 3/5
Recommended?: Yes

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