Gunung Mulu National Park

It has been a very long time, I have always wanted to make a point to come to Mulu. Mulu is the World Heritage Site with lots of attractions to visit. It is all about nature here at Mulu especially when you touchdown at their airport, your phone signal is totally out of service. No one can call in or calling out. Mulu is basically a tiny town surrounded by tall mountains. Sometimes do think again, it is a good thing to get disconnected with technology and get closer with the green.
The airport here is truly small and only MASwings is providing the flight service to Mulu from Miri, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Brunei. Basically this is the main transportation to other city. The other way is by boat but during the dry season, no boat will be at service because the water level on the river is too low.
This is their luggage collection area. Small eh? Everything is manual. 
Their check-in counter is very small too. Basically is solely occupied by MASwings.
There are private taxi available here to take you to your desired location. However, if you noticed that everywhere is within walking distance. All the famous spots are within 3km radius.
Here we are at Mulu National Park. You can either signup package from any tour agency you can find in the website or you can walk in to their information center to make your desired tour plan and book a stay with them. Please do note that Mulu's peak season is around May - September. Within this period, most of their lodging are fully booked.
This is the information counter and there are more than 30 activities for you to do at Mulu. From an easy adventure such as The Garden of Eden & Valley Walk to the toughest Mulu Mountain hiking. In short, all the adventures are impossible be completed in a month or two. Most likely you have to come back again for more. I believe you will come back for more after experience what I have experienced in this trip.
This is the tag that will be given to each one of you and comes with an expiry date. There are color difference which is to indicate the day you arrive. The activities you can do here are caving adventure, caving tour, mountain climbing, jungle trekking, canopy skywalk, photo birding and swim at one of their beautiful waterfalls.
Some activities are free and some activities come with cost because you need to hire a guide to tag along with you. It is compulsory. The free activities are pretty limited to only The Botanic Trail, Kenyalang Loop, The Tree Top Tower, Paku Waterfall and Paku Valley Loop. All these activities you can travel yourself.
The stay at the Mulu National Park is limited to Bungalow type like this, or a longhouse type (photo below) and a hostel. Prices started from as low as RM80/night and it is varies during school holidays and public holidays.
Need not worry about the accommodation here at Mulu if the rooms at Mulu National Park are fully booked. There are a few hotels and homestay out there within walking distance which you can take walk to find out.
This is the room in the longhouse which I stayed for a night. Very decent room with heater and air-con. Just do not let your door left open because annoying mosquitoes will disturb you all night long.
This is the cafeteria where you will get your food. The food here are really expensive. Do make sure your room is inclusive meals. It is cheaper this way. By the way, in this cafeteria, you can get access to wi-fi @RM5.00/day started from 8.00am.
This is the only medical facility here at Mulu. Not sure how well equipped they are.
This is the one and only primary school at Mulu. Basically all the children from the locals here are studying at the same school.
This is where the locals are living for many many years. 
Our government is trying to enhance the local's standard of living and to ensure the locals' safety, they build a proper house for them to stay instead of staying in the wooden house which might be very hard to rescue if it catches fire.
Here are the Batu Bungan Longhouse. A little description about the Penan tribe which is staying at Mulu.
This is a handicraft market which you would like to get some souvenir back home.
The price are really expensive but you have to give credit to their artwork. It is really professionally done.
This is the Buah Mulu which was picked by my guide for me to eat. It is so sourish until a stage that is unacceptable. I don't think it is edible for me.
Cannot really remember what is this called but this fruit is kinda look like something else if you can figure out what I mean. LOL. Anyway, this fruit is also sourish but carries sweetness in it. It is better than the Buah Mulu.
For those who loves caving adventure, they have Lagangs cave(beginner), Racer Cave, Kenyalang Cave, Stonehorse Cave (intermediate) and Clearwater Connection, Sarawak Chamber for advanced. Minimum 3 pax not inclusive the guide to go and you are required to join any of the beginner or intermediate level before you can join the advanced. The caving adventure can consume from 2 hours - 16 hours of your time. Overall, this is some brief information about Mulu. I will take you to more excitement about Mulu from now on. Stay tuned.

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