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China Zone @Chimelong Safari Park, Panyu District

Still at Chimelong Safari Park and now I will bring you to the China Zone. This is the place you can expect China's national animal which they are so proud of - Panda.
This area are all decorated with bamboos. You will eventually know that you are in the panda zone.
One of their favorite hobbies is sleeping. You can see they have all kinds of sleeping style. Black and white are the only colors on their body. The amazing part is the pattern created by the black and white can be different with one another. However, three parts on their body are got to be black in color which are ears, eyes and legs. That's what makes them so uniquely interesting.
Closer look on their paw. That is how close you can be with the Panda. Unlike Guangzhou Zoo, we are unable to see them because they were placed inside the air-conditioned room. Over here, they are still placed in the air-conditioned room but you are allowed to walk in it and see their lair closely. Very worth it!
"How come no sound coming out from it? I saw someone can make sound from it in a TV!" "Urgh!"
"Argh, never mind! I will figure out later. Right now I prefer it to be eaten."
Apart of sleeping, eating is their next favorite thing to do. It does not looks tasty to me thou. 
"Argh, I am full! Why everybody is still looking at me?"
Suddenly he placed his hand like that seems like very shy for a very long time. I am quite puzzled with what he was doing at that time.
So I zoomed in...Ok, great...he was sleeping! *sweat*
This is the little panda. Not the same panda as the black and white one but the name of it is called little panda. 
Next, we have is the elephant. Pretty smelly area because of their poop and pee.
Everyone of them lining up in front of us waiting for us to throw banana at them. The banana can be purchased at CNY15.00/bunch. The bunch is very small. Just 7 bananas in it.
The moment they saw you are about to throw the banana, they will open their mouth like this. It is quite fun for us when we seems like trying to throw it inside their mouth.
A closer look on their mouth. That's the widest they can open.
Riding on the elephant which cost at CNY100/pax and CNY150/pair. Basically, the elephant will make one big round including walking inside a manmade river and blow the water from the river into the air. Of course, you will get wet a little. That's the fun! There is an elephant show here too but as I mentioned before in my Xi Shuang Ban Na post, I will not watch any elephant show anymore. 
However, I still watch the white tiger show! Tiger is not an easy animal to train. Unlike the elephant, abusing them is not going to help in their training. They have the mood and they need a human who is passionately close to them only they will listen but not 100%. After all, they are carnivores.
While waiting for the show, you can buy the feed like this and take picture with the white tiger. CNY30.00/pax for one feed.
The show started with the lion performance. A basic sitting up.
This is something making the audience "WOW" which is wrestling with the instructor for the food. Don't worry, it is a part of the show.
The last show for the lions which is making them posing like this. Nothing special seriously.
After that, only we will see 10 white tigers running around the stage. Everyone was very excited with that scene. My sister is one of them as she is a big fan of white tiger.
Next is the same posing which is making everyone sitting up like this.
The audience is very responsive especially watching the white tiger was trying to leap on the instructor for the food.
This is a cute one but it is really hard to make them maintain sitting like that.
This one did the best and the longest.

It is not easy to train them and it is once proven again. As I said earlier, it was supposed to be 10 white tigers to perform all these. However, they are some are not very cooperative at all. They were either sitting at their initial position or during halfway act, they went off. The instructors tried to get them back together but they will not force and will shake their head to the commentator if they are unable to do it anymore. That's why it is extremely hard to train a carnivore. 
The next thing to make the audience so much joy to watch is to see how the white tiger leaps. They really can leap very far. Pretty amazing!
The final act is the tug of war with one white tiger. Their strength is not the match of the white tiger of course. The show took about 25 minutes and you can see more white tiger at the Tiger Hill Zone which I did not have time to go. There are golden tiger and snow tiger to see too!
There is a small amusement park for children. Adults are not allowed to play but only can accompany their children to play.
This pony really looks sad and moody.
This is the place for the kids to have a pony ride and photograph with the pony. Kids love ponies!
My curious sister and her long-neck friend love it too! Haha...
The last thing to see at the China Zone is the hippopotamus which were inactive as usual especially under the super hot weather.
We really enjoying ourselves a lot in this zone. This is one of the best zone which you shouldn't be missed! 
Next is the final post of this topic which I will cover the rest of the zones which are African Tribes, South American Kingdown and Asian Zone. The show time for the Elephant show and the White Tiger show are as follow:

Elephant Show: 1.00pm, 2.30pm, 5.00pm - 2.30pm (extra show on the weekends)
White Tiger Show: 2.30pm, 5.30pm - 1.00pm (extra show on the weekends)

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