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Ocean Theatre @Ocean World, Guangzhou Zoo

Ocean World is the most expensive among all inside the Guangzhou Zoo. However, I find this place is the best place to be among all. It is located near the North Gate.
The whole exterior of the Ocean World is nicely decorated to attract you to enter.
This is the exterior hall of the Ocean Theatre. There are 3 main attractions here are the 3D Theatre, Ocean Theatre and Seabed World. Ocean Theatre is the live performance of sea creatures which I will introduce to you later on. While in Seabed World, you will be expecting 5 minutes of Mermaid Show, 15 minutes of Diving and Feeding Fishes and another 10 minutes of Dancing with Shark. Lastly is the 3D Theatre which I think it is pretty straight forward of what it is.
The time of the shows can be seen when you enlarged this photo. The package price is cheaper but your time is highly restrained by their schedule. So I rather spent CNY50.00 (RM25.00) for the Ocean Theatre entrance fee only.
You are advised to start to queue at the entrance 1 hour before the show begins even though the staffs will advised you to queue 30 minutes instead. The reason is the crowd here are really scary and uncivilized. They are like scavenger when the moment the gate is open after their ticket has been checked. They will run crazily and look for the best seat to sit. 
There are popcorn, drinks, sausage and ice cream for sale at a very expensive price. The price is started from CNY20.00. Right now you still can see the people can walk at the stairways. In a while, the crowd will sit on the stairs too because there are no more seat available! This is the part where the organizer failed to control. They do not care how many seats they have and they will just continue selling the ticket. Terrible! Anyway, let the show begins!
The first show started with a seal performance.
The seal is very adorable and I like how it walks and doing some tricks like this.
I feel quite sad when thinking this animal is the main food for the polar bear, orca and the great white shark.
Seal is a tame, adorable and obedient animal so let's give them a round of applause!
Next they have is the white whale also known as Beluga Whale. White whale is extremely rare to be spotted in the sea. They are very tame too and look at how lovely they are by kissing their instructors.
They are making a Ying Yang movement as a sign to wish prosperous life to the audience.
Thank you, white whale. Give them something to eat. Even though the weather is extremely hot outside, they have to maintain the water temperature at 7-8 degrees celsius. This is the water which is suitable for them to live in.
Wow, that's only the half body of the white whale. It is already at the same height of the instructor. Their length can be up to 5.5 meter and the weighing up to 1600kg. 
Cannot imagine how do they lift up their 1600kg body up in the air to hit the ball. That's super strong.
There is a commentator will explain every tricks they are doing. For example this, spitting water on the crowds is stands for giving the fortune to the crowds. I doubt when I spit on the crowd and they will think the same thing. LOL
The final act is riding with the whale! Very sociable animal will easily able to conduct something amazing like this. APPLAUSE!!!
Next we have dolphins which is everyone's favorite! Usually they have 4 dolphins, unfortunately only 3 is available for the show.
First is dancing in the water.
Second, playing with hula hoop.
Third, high jump hitting the ball. Nice jump!
Fourth, is the most interesting part. Riding on a boat pulled by a dolphin for one big round. Only one lucky spectator will able to enjoy this. Well, she is really really lucky girl. I bet she will have an unforgettable moment for the rest of her life.
Final performance with a group high jumping. It will be amazing if they have 4 dolphins for this. Anyway, they are still worth for an applause! Overall show will only takes about 25 minutes only. You can opt for taking pictures with the dolphins at CNY100.00 per person. Extremely expensive!
Total Damage: CNY50.00
Service: 2/5
Price: 2/5
Recommended?: Yes
Show time: 11.00am, 2.00pm and 4.00pm (daily)

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