Green Dragon Hill @Chimelong Safari Park, Panyu District

The best attraction in Guangzhou is the Chimelong Changlong. It is a very big place like Resort World Sentosa (RWS) at Singapore. Same like RWS with a hotel called Chimelong Hotel and an amusement park called Chimelong Paradise. The difference are they have more than the two similarity which are they have a circus called The Chimelong International Circus, The Chimelong Water Park and the one I am going to introduce to you today, Xiang Jiang Safari Park or which is more known as Chimelong Safari Park.
Same like Guangzhou Zoo, they have a north and south gate. You are advised to go to their South Gate. One thing is different is they do not have a long queue like the Guangzhou Zoo because they allowed online booking and payment. To reach here, you take their Metro Underground Train using Line 3 to Hanxi Changlong. They are just located at the exit.
I have my cute cousin sister (left) and her friend (right) who are from China. She is so kind enough to take me around and also bought my entrance ticket which cost CNY250/pax = RM125/pax!!! Oh no! I am so embarrassed to let a little girl like to spend her hard earn money on me. Well, she promised me to come over to Malaysia one day. I will surely treat her real good! Oh yeah, the ticket price is extremely expensive if to compare with Guangzhou Zoo which is just CNY20.00!!!
This place is HUGE! You need one full day to complete the tour without resting. You have two options. First is to drive your own car into a park which is designated for it which is called Safari on Wheels. The animals are in the wild and no fence on them. You are not allowed to stop your car but you can make as many round as you like as long as within their business hours. This is something very exciting which cost CNY280/pax + CNY200/car. Not cheap at all. 
I prefer to use my own legs to walk and so as my sister because we are photography enthusiasts. It is hard for us to take photo in a moving car. Furthermore, the driver cannot really enjoy when they have to make sure the car is moving.
In this post, I will cover the Green Dragon Hill Zone which you can see in the map I attached earlier on. This is the place you will going to see first.
It is a small hill with small jungle in it to create a hallucination that you are back to the past where you can feel the time in the dinosaur era.
Hardly scary even though they are making all kinds of sound effect, water effect and fake dinosaur.
Passing by a tunnel which seems like a time tunnel at least according to them.
And you will see the actual size of the dinosaurs moving, roaring and spraying water from their mouth.
Hardly scary but you still can see some people screaming frantically. Weird~
Flash in and out fast because it is really boring and in this area you will see Snake Trail.
A sexy Medusa at the entrance. This is something not going to happen in Malaysia. It will definitely create big hoo-haa in all mass media.
Air-conditioned walkway with brighter lights to see the snakes. This is way better than Guangzhou Zoo.
The best part is you can get inside their living place like this! It is certainly fun when for taking pictures!
That is not all! You will be walking on a glass floor where you will see tons of poisonous snakes under it. Someone who has limited courage will had the hard time to walk through this glass floor. You might think that you will going to fall into it.
This is the part which I think is unnecessary. Going into a zoo to see fake snake moving robotically. Well, this is all about the snake trail.
We have to many pictures to capture so I am going to divide this place into 4 posts. I hope I am not going to bored you all. I promised that a lot of exciting pictures from us are waiting for you to discover.
Upcoming next is the Koala Zone and stay tuned for the Live Animal shows! 
Total Damage: CNY250.00
Service: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Price: 1/5
Recommended?: Yes
Business Hours: 9.00am - 6.30pm (weekdays); 8.30am - 6.30pm (weekends)

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