Teeq Restaurant @Roof Top, Lot10

I have been to the roof top restaurants at Thailand and Singapore but this is my first time experience to dine on the rooftop in Malaysia. The name of this restaurant is called Teeq Restaurant located at the roof top of Lot10 Shopping Center with this amazing small park.
The interior design in this restaurant is very high class and the light is quite dim. So it is a challenge for my food photography. Please forgive me if it does not looks appetizing to you.
Sex on the Beach @RM28.00++ - Always a good choice for the girls.
Screaming Orgasm @RM24.00++ - This is an awkward name for a drink. Can you imagine how awkward I am when I wanted to order this drink especially the restaurant is so quiet? "I want this...errr...this...Screaming....Orrrrr...gassssm..." LOL
Delicious complimentary bread for us while waiting. You can request for top up if you wanted for more.
Butter Milk Shrimp
Outlook: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 - This is one of the "three set course" which cost only RM69.00++. Very worth it especially this delicious appetizer is included. It is a delightful dish with the fresh prawns are dressed with creamy and sticky cheddar cheese milk, fish roe and lettuce.

Pan Seared Sea Bass
Outlook: 4/5
Creativity: 4/5
Taste: 4/5
Overall: 4/5 - Also one of the three set course. Apart of the sea bass for being so fresh and well cooked, the mash potato is uniquely delicious especially when you eat together with the saute mushroom. They blended so well! There is a mushroom soup in this course too which I did not capture any photos of it. The taste of the mushroom is pretty good too. You will not letdown by ordering it individually.

Cream Aglise/Martini Tiramisu @RM15.00++
Outlook: 4/5
Creativity: 3/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Overall: 3/5 - This dessert is included in the "three set course" too. However, in the set course it is called Cream Aglise. While in their ala-carte menu, it is called Pick Me Up On Martini a.k.a Martini Tiramisu. Since I am a vivid Tiramisu lover, so I ordered Martini Tiramisu so in the end as you have expected. They served TWO Tiramisu! Actually Cream Aglise and Martini Tiramisu are the same thing. Can you see how confusing they are? If I known, I would have order another dessert instead of the same one. The waiter is not attentive enough to tip me about the two desserts are actually the same. I am very disappointed with their service and such a confusing menu. This is my first experience to meet this kind of issue in a high class restaurant like this. As for the taste, this Tiramisu is a coffee based Tiramisu without any rum in it. So it is not my favorite type. There a lot of cream in it but you do not feel queasy at all with the cream. That's the good point. However, I do not recommend this dessert.

Lamb Shank @RM50.00++
Outlook: 3/5
Creativity: 3/5
Taste: 3/5
Price: 2/5
Overall: 2/5 - The gamey taste is very strong but that is not the reason I do not favor this dish. The problem lies on the sauce which does not really blend in with the lamb. The gamey taste of the lamb outclassed the taste of the sauce. The good point is the lamb is very easy to chew and digest. Not that hard to cut.

Overall, I like the ambiance of this restaurant but I am pretty disappointed with their confusing menu and their service. The only good point is their set meal is very affordable and delicious.
Total Damage: RM215.75
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 2/5
Food Serving Speed: Moderate
Will I Revisit?: No but recommended for their set meal

Teeq Restaurant
Roof Top, Lot10 Shopping Center,
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Tel: 03-27823555
Business Hours:-

Lunch: 12.00pm - 3.00pm (daily)

Dinner: 6.30pm - 11.00pm (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday:)
            6.30pm - 3.00am  (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Note: Served snack menu after 11p.m

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