African Tribes, South American Kingdom & Asian Zone @Chimelong Safari, Park

This is the final post about Chimelong Safari Park. 3 zones to cover in this post are African Tribes, South American Kingdom and Asian Zone. Quick review about food & beverage here, there are decent restaurants here but the price is very expensive not many locals would even wanted to dine in there. However, the drink and ice cream stalls are visible almost at every corner. As for us, we skipped our lunch that day after a heavy breakfast.
As I mentioned in my earlier post, do look out for parrots and parakeets! They are everywhere and even may be on top of you! They are well-trained and will not escape. This is what makes this place so unique!
Even predatory birds like eagles and vultures are placed at the open area like this. However, as I understand from the staff. The reason they are not flying away because every each animal like this are dedicated to one trainer. So a trainer is making sure the bird is ready to be at the public area and the trainer will watch over the bird throughout the opening hours of the park. So you can imagine how many trainers they have to hire to maintain the wild. That is why the ticket is so expensive!
They have a few animal mascots here to take picture with the visitors. However, I find their mascots a little unprofessional. It is quite short and small in size. Can you see my long-neck friend is just below the head of the giraffe? Well, she is happy anyway whenever she can see a giraffe.
Talking about crowd here, there are a lot of locals rather than the foreigners visiting this place. Well, I believe they can earn more than enough from their billions populations already. The walking pavements are build wide and big to accommodate large crowd so the visitors do not feel so packed.
Here is the African Animal Show which I only able to capture the bird part because I was late. The show took about 15 minutes only but they have a show every each 30 minutes.
This is a talking parakeet which can speak well English and Mandarin!
As for this crow, apart of speaking English and Mandarin, it can read poems too!
Actually not really reading for me, it is just imitate the voice of the trainer only. In another words, it is just repeat whatever the trainer has just said. Well, consider not bad too for a bird!
Basically, I am still at the African Tribes zone. When you see this ring-tailed lemur, what will remind you about? For me, Madagascar...the cartoon movie! Hehe~
I think these meerkat will be more familiar for all of the Madagascar movie lovers. They are waiting align and almost the same pose just for the food from their trainer.
These are their favorite, Bread Worm. You can't purchase this to feed the animal like some other place. You only can see the trainer feed them.
Well, there are still some idiots throw a piece of bread to them. Please don't do that because according to the trainer, those food has not enough nutrition for them.
Meerkat's signature pose!
At the same zone, you will see black rhinoceros too.
They live together with these antelopes, deers and scimitar oryx.
Now at the South American Kingdom, you will see the final live animal show which is known as the Primate Show!
This is a very hilarious show with lots of fun which you should not be missed! Look at our proud orang utan is together with the Journey to the West characters in presenting a magic show in front of the audience. Very funny and chicky orang utan.
Well, that's not the most exciting one for me. The next one is even more exciting but I would prefer to use the word "bizzare". Not this chimpanzee playing the drum of course. It is what this chimpanzee looking at!
Yes...THIS! Chimpanzee lion dance!!! Probably people in China already bored with our human lion dance so they had chimpanzees to replace the whole lion dance. Totally bizarre scene to see especially when you see their move is as if they are human!
That is their final pose! Don't you think they need more than just a round of applause?? Bananas for them please!!! Lots of them! The show lasted about 25 minutes and that marks the end of the show. Absolutely fun and stunning!
This spider monkey can be found at the public but you are not allowed to touch it because this naughty monkey might hurt you. There is a trainer dedicated to this monkey to make sure this monkey behave and remain still at his boundary.
Something familiar to the fellow Malaysian - orang utan.
Yes, now we are at the Asian Zone.
All you can see at the Asian Zones are monkeys, apes and baboons.
Only two primates you are allowed to feed which are the red-butted baboons.
And the yellow monkeys. Look at the sad and pathetic eyes. Seems like trying to hypnotize you to buy their feeds to them. Their feed is cost at CNY15.00/pack.
A mother monkey carrying a baby monkey is a cute scene to see.
These monkeys are very good swimmers but heavy rain had stopped us from further exploration in this park. Too bad. Anyway, we had a lots fun and I am really enjoying every bit of it except the Green Dragon Hill Zone which you can skip. 
Thanks to both of my sweethearts of that day and I will definitely remember this amazing memory for the rest of my life. Of course, I will be back one day to experience their Safari on Wheels. I would like to experience what is the feeling by driving a car in the wild. Cool!

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