Bai Wan Kui Yuan, Guangzhou

Bai Wan Kui Yuan is a place where lots of types of amazing flowers are planted here. There are so many species here at different season to expect. Right now is summer so let's see what kind of flowers they have during this season. The entrance fee is costing CNY95.00 (weekdays) and CNY110.00 (weekdays). Child rate cost 50% from the adult rate.
The first thing we walk into the entrance is not the flowers to see but birds. That's weird.
Now not just birds but piglets! Oh my, where are the flowers?
Still no flowers but we have a lots of this type of dogs here. This is the type that is the favorite for the people of China.
Hello Kitty! The is a gallery inside here with full of Hello Kitty! soft toys in it. This makes me think of a friend of mine in Brunei, Mars Liew. She is crazy for this.
This place here is very hot during the summer. The only place with air-conditioned is this gallery with restaurants in it. This is the only place to grab your food.
Some nice decoration in the gallery.
Bai Wan Kui Yuan attracts a lot of newly weds to get their wedding photos done here. The organizer simply decorated this place just for them to take photos here. However, only designated photo studios are allowed to take wedding photos here. You can get the list of the participated photo studio inside.
The gallery is exhibit some wedding gowns and evening gowns. There are some part for anime fans which has a little outrageous with the boobs. LOL
Finally some flowers to see which is inside the gallery.
Now start walking outside and enjoy the heat and the breeze of flower fragrance. By the way, please watch out for two dangerous insects in this park.
FIRST: THE BEE! When there are flowers, there will be bees. Please beware especially on sunflower. each sunflower may hold at least one bee. I saw one sunflower has at least 10 bees on it. Scary.
SECOND: THE BEETLE! There are no vehicle except this. Volkswagen is trying to promote their new beetle so they are giving free test drive inside the park. As long as you owned a valid license, you can drive! It is for the short time only. So basically no vehicle will be seen in this park. A lot of leg works to be done. I am not kidding because this place is HUGE!!!
During the summer, the most flowers you will see is sunflower. Well, that's why it is called summer because of the sun! Ok, I know it is lame! =(
This is one of the field of sunflower they are many more like this. Amazing huh? The weather during our visit was very bad. We had heavy rain and hot sun at the span of 4 hours of our journey. The worst part is the soil is muddy!
I am not saying the walking pavement are made of soil. It is just we prefer to stand beside the flowers and take photos with them. So no choice we have to stand on the muddy soil.
The lavender here are amazing. They have two big field of lavender where you can see a field of purple land. Amazing!
Roses and carnation are not a lot during the summer. So we are unable to see a bunch of them.
Not sure what flower is this but they are very beautiful.
I am not sure about this too. This is the poor part about this place. They do not have a board to tell you what kind of flowers they planted here. The reason is they are creating this simply for the photo studio to do their business. A description board will spoil the backdrop of the photos. In another word, a commercialized park.
This is the lotus flower. Not many of them too because their season just started.
Can you see the HUGE landscape mirror? That's a really huge mirror with lavender and lotus in front of it! This will be an amazing landscape photo if there are a lot of lotus flower. Too bad... =(
Mint...immersing a refreshing fragrance even by just walking pass it.
If just one of them this flower seems like nothing to you. When they are in a landscape like this, definitely worth your attention. 
Basically, this is a place highly recommended for vivid photographers and flower lovers. It may be a boring plays for the kids especially the boys. No entertainment at this place except taking photos and more photos
Visiting here during the summer is the worst ever choice to make among all other season. Not just not many types of flowers to see but the weather is a horror when you will have heavy rain and hot weather at over 35 degrees Celsius. I made a bad choice by traveling to China during the summer.
There are a lot of structures here are built just for photography purpose. 
Look at the brightness and you will know that taking a wedding shot will be a disaster. Your makeup will melt in seconds and you are sweating all over with your suit.
However, we still have to credit the organizer for very well renovated a place which is a heaven for newly weds
Look at the landscape here. Speechlessly captivating! When you take your wedding photograph here, you will entitled for unlimited entrance for the next 10 years! Well, I prefer for life though. 
This is my another cousin sister and her friend suffering to accommodate me for a photo shot under the hot burning sun.
Well, I believe they will enjoy this moment somehow with all these great photos from me! Hehe =p
Please do try their lavender ice cream here no matter what season you going to be there. It is so deliciously smooth. The ice cream melts in seconds under the hot temperature.
We did not able to complete the whole walk in the park because we were too tired and hot.
Not many visitors during this season as expected but we make sure we are going to have the fullest fun there somehow.
The maintenance and the cleanliness in this area is surprisingly good. I never see a place in China to be this be honest.
To get to here, take the Metro underground train Line 4 to Jiao Men Station. After that take the bus No.1 or No.2 to this place. The bus journey will take around 1 hour.
You really have to believe their toilet is really five star. I never went into a public toilet to be this clean and not smelly. They have 2 janitors standing by at each of their toilet here. I can say this is the most clean toilet I have ever been in China.
They have this small funs for the adults to challenge themselves too! Overall, I really do enjoy this place a lot because it did "feed" my camera extremely well. Haha... I will definitely be back one day during other season or maybe for my own wedding photography. Haha... MAYBE! As for the ticket price, I do find it expensive but I was there for free because my uncle knows the owner. Lucky!
Total Damage: Free for me! =)
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 2/5
Recommended?: Yes
Business Hours: 9.00am - 5.30pm (daily)


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