Ozo Bistro & Studio, Kluang

Our Chan See's farewell party went for the second round which was at the most popular hangout place in Kluang which known as Ozo Bistro & Studio. This place is always crowded on Friday and Saturday night. They have live band here as well.
Very creative designs throughout this 2 shop-lots. A good place where you sit and gather with your old friends while bragging and chatting away like there were no tomorrow. Plus, with the live bands music playing as a background song. It is just a perfect atmosphere. 
The live band on Friday and Saturday is better than other days. We were there on Sunday and we experienced a real bad live band which is a disgrace to show off in front of the crowds like that. With their run off tune, I just hope the boss is not paying them for this. 
Not a bad place to hangout with lots of kinds of beer and hard liquor to choose from for you to get boozed all night.

Ozo Bistro & Studio Kluang
44 & 46, Jalan Duku,
86000 Kluang
Business Hours: 9.00pm - 3.00am (daily)

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