Mochi Sweets @Pavilion

Ever since I was small, my family too poor for a luxury dessert like cheese cake or even a pudding. So my mum will make 麻芝 (Mua Chi) for me and my brother and sister as a dessert for us. We love her Mua Chi so much which is always mixed with peanuts only. I know now there are peanut with sesame in the market. So in my mind always will think that Mua Chi should be look like that until I know there is a Mochi by the Japanese whom treated it as a high class dessert and have the peanut fillings inside like a little bun. So here I am at Mochi Sweets to see more than just peanut in their mochi!
Well, the way that displayed them indeed very high class.
Even the price almost the same with Macaroon.
Look at their varieties of Mochi. I really do not know how to choose! They are so cute and adorable!
These Mochi must be left defrost for 20-30 minutes only can be eaten. You are not advised to eat it right away because it is as hard as stone! That day, I defrost almost 40 minutes and the Mochi is ready to be well consumed!
I have chosen Green Tea @RM3.50, Peach Cream @RM3.50, Red Bean @RM3.50, Caramel Macchiato @RM3.50, Red Bean @RM4.00 and Sakura @RM4.00. Sakura is their best selling one but to me that is the worst one to choose. Just one tiny bite and I already decided not to eat the whole thing. It taste like eating medicine. I hate such a taste. As for others, all are splendid especially the red bean, you will taste the real red bean flavor rather than awfully sweet taste where most of other shops are selling such. The rich red bean taste really making me wanted for more!
I really never know this has been a high class desserts for some other countries. I should be proud that I have been eating these luxury dessert ever since I was a kid!
Total Damage: RM22.00
Will I Revisit?: Yes for other flavors.

Mochi Sweets - Japanese Luxury Deli
6th Floor, Tokyo Street
Business Hours: 10.00am - 10.00pm (daily)

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