Charlie Brown Cafe @KLCC

Ann Jee's friend told us about there is a newly opened cafe which is pretty good and it is called Charlie Brown Cafe. We were wondering some sort of western food style restaurant like Victoria Station. When we reached there and to our surprise, it is this Charlie Brown huh? We almost forgot our childhood favorite cartoon characters.
This is a self service cafe like Starbucks. We were actually planning for our dinner so after browsing through their menu, I do not believe it is a good place to dine but somehow is a good place to have a drink. Btw, I do not like their menu. Pretty unprofessional. Using simple binding menu which does not fit the cafe itself.
I like their design here and I am pretty sure my girl will gonna love this place. Below are more pictures about the cafe.

Some merchandise for sale.
The Charlie Brown Miletones. Seems like my father's age thou.
I definitely will be back for their drinks and maybe some light snacks. Will blog about it soon. Here is just a review. Thanks for reading!

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