Ochado @Pavilion

The bubble milk tea trend has just got even more competitors when Ochado has make their appearance to fight for another piece of cake from the total demand of people who had this bubble milk tea fever. Unlike other red hot competitors like Gong Cha and Chatime which are originated from Taiwan. While Ochado is from Japan.

My girl wears like a honey bee!!!
Here you are, this is their stall. They are opening soon at Sunway Pyramid.
They do not have crazy queue like Chatime but I do notice that lately Chatime does not have those queue like they used to have anymore.
Bubble Milk Tea in process.
Their specialty - Pop Egg - the pearl is not for chew but to pop in your mouth. That is their selling point to be different than others but only limited to 50 cups per day. How will it be enough??? Pointless to me because one morning can sold out 50 cups easily already.
Top 10 drinks which most of them are the same with other competitors.
Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea with Azuki Beans @RM5.90 - Different type of Matcha taste with extra bites which is quite similar with the one at Gong Cha.
Pearl Milk Tea @RM5.90 - normal like others with nothing special for me but still the same goody.
I can see the trend is declining slowly which is one of the reason is too many competitors which confused the demands. At the same time, no breakthrough in developing new drinks. They should be like Starbucks where they have new drinks to introduce every month and also having some seasonal drinks which is available during certain season. Creativity is highly required to maintain the customers' fever over this trend otherwise something else will certainly take over this. In my opinion, I am thinking if selling this bubble milk tea inside:
1) The cafe like Meeples European Boardgame Cafe
2) Sold at major cinemas like what Famous Amos did at MidValley's Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) 3) Sold inside a Karaoke like Neway or Redbox
4) Sold in a bowling arcade.

In short, they need to combine with other big companies to increase their channel and revenue instead of running independently either in a stall like this in Pavilion or in a shop like Chatime, Subang Jaya SS15. That is not permanent and it is like running a Marathon which has no idea where the finishing line is.

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