Dive with Sharks @Aquaria KLCC

After my last experience visiting Aquaria KLCC, I find it pretty not worth it for couples or adults to just visit this place unless we have a child with us which it is an education lesson for them. The reason not worthwhile for adults is because things to see is not really a lot and it is very less interactive if to compare the one at Singapore.

However, when they are having other programs which are Cage Rage and Dive with Sharks, this is getting excited. Cage Rage cost at RM199/pax while Dive with Sharks cost at RM400/pax but for Dive with Sharks requires at least an Open Water diving license. Both activities will be given a T-shirt and a certificate. Diving equipment rental and admission fee are included as well.

My girl as my diving buddy for today's dive.
Red-Bellied Piranha - Don't worry, you are not diving with them.
Electric Eel - Don't worry as well, you will not see him around with you in the water.
The Asian Short Clawed Otters - They are so cute but not with us under the water. However, I do not mind them around.
Green Sea Turtle - They are with us later but we are asked to wait since another divers were under the water. They have 3 sessions which are 11.00am, 1.00pm and 3.00pm. We took the 1.00pm session which in the end we ended up diving at 2.30pm.
Giant Blotched Fantail Ray - Since we have to wait, we took a quick journey inside the Aquaria to see the sea creatures that we are going to see later.
Sand Tiger Shark - Hohoho...this is the main thing we are looking for in there.
Tawny Nurse Shark - I expected to see this shark but in the end we did not see them. I suspected they have kept away the shark from swimming with us. So sad.
An exhibition of various shark fin. Oh...it reminds me about shark fin soup. Yummy!
Alright, after one hour of waiting, here we are starting to dive.
Giant Grouper - Wow! They are so huge! I wonder how long I need to eat only can finish the whole grouper.
Now we are inside the huge aquarium for the visitors to see us. Hohoho...
Bamboo Shark - Always stuck themselves at the bottom of the aquarium.
This ray is like a Malaysian traditional kite called Wau. So huge! Kinda afraid stingrays because that is how the famous Crocodile Dundee died after stung by a stingray tail through his chest.
Me swimming towards the Sand Tiger Shark.
Not sure what shark is this but always see them like to stick themselves on the transparent tunnel.
This is how they look like from the tunnel when they stick themselves there.
Another one roaming around elsewhere.
We were so lucky that we able to catch their shark feeding session. Thanks to the delay somehow.
This green sea turtle likes to eat so much. Keep seeing him around the feeding diver for food. Somehow reminds me about my beagle, Mojo.
That's the fella. 
The aquarium is pretty crowded which estimated to be only around 1500 square feet with a maximum of 4 meter deep. So actually it is not deep at all. Pretty tough for us to stay buoyant with such a shallow aquarium with full of crowded sea creatures. We are not advised to touch them just in case some creatures might have a bad mood that day and will harm us in any method. 
I did not zoom my underwater camera. So can you imagine how close are we with this shark. Oh by the way, underwater camera is not included, so you need to bring your own.
Here comes the "wau"
Leopard Moray Eel - One and only one with a very long body like snakes. It is pretty ugly.
Nothing wrong with camera. It is pretty milky down there and cold too. Temperature is set to accommodate the sand tiger sharks. There are 4 of them in there. 
Green Sea Turtle - Very friendly sea creature which allow us to touch them. There are 2 of them. However in the sea, you will not have such liberty.
Let's have a group picture before we ended our 45 minutes dive. Because the aquarium is too shallow, we hardly use the oxygen tank even such long hours. At the same time, it saves us from keep equalizing our ears.
I am sorry if my pictures were bad but I have taken a video shot during their shark feeding session.

I really enjoy this dive even though it is not big but I got to be up close and personal with all those large sea creatures which you will hardly find them in the sea. Especially to see them all crowded themselves together. One thing for sure is, once you took this Dive with Sharks program, you wouldn't want to join the Cage Rage. Not cool at all. Suitable for those non-diver and children only.

Total Damage: RM800.00
Freakout Level: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Will I Revisit?: Yes

Aquaria KLCC Aquarium
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Complex,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur
03-2333 1888
Opening Hours:
11.00am - 8.00pm (Weekdays)
10.30am - 8.00pm (Weekends and Holidays)
Last entry 7.00pm


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